Tear Gas Fired at Climate Talks: Police Make 230 Arrests as Protesters Storm Copenhagen Summit

From The Daily Mail:

Police fired tear gas and made hundreds of arrests today as protesters tried to storm the UN climate change summit in Copenhagen.

Danish officers detained 230 activists as they attempted to break through the security barricades around the Bella Centre where world leaders are trying to forge a new deal on global warming.

Police, some with dogs, used truncheons and pepper spray in their bid to control the crowds and stop them disrupting the crucial negotiations.

Protesters admitted their aim was to penetrate a police cordon and interrupt the talks. A few did make it through an outer ring of security but were chased down by officers.

Gordon Brown, who flew into Copenhagen this morning, was forced to abandon a meeting because of security fears.

Downing Street said it was for ‘convenience and safety’. The Prime Minister was forced to stay inside and carry out the briefing by telephone instead.

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  • James T.

    The two cops look almost identical… the Clone Wars have begun.