The ’00s: Goodbye (at Last) to the Decade from Hell

Decade From HellAndy Serwer writes on TIME:

At exactly two minutes after midnight on Jan. 1, 2000, an alarm sounded at a nuclear power plant in Onagawa, Japan. Government officials and computer scientists around the globe held their breath. Was this the beginning of a massive Y2K computer meltdown? Actually, no. It was an isolated event, one of a handful of glitches to occur (including the failure of 500 slot machines at two racetracks in Delaware) as the sun rose on the new decade. The dreaded millennial meltdown never happened.

Instead, it was the American Dream that was about to dim. Bookended by 9/11 at the start and a financial wipeout at the end, the first 10 years of this century will very likely go down as the most dispiriting and disillusioning decade Americans have lived through in the post–World War II era. We’re still weeks away from the end of ’09, but it’s not too early to pass judgment. Call it the Decade from Hell, or the Reckoning, or the Decade of Broken Dreams, or the Lost Decade. Call it whatever you want — just give thanks that it is nearly over.

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  1. Wheels that go up will eventually come down, but don't forget they do go up again, America will be on top of the world again and very soon.
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  2. The article is a bit pc by not addressing the many illegal and questionable activities of the Bush administration. Warrentless wiretapping, the ignoring of credible contrary evidence that wmd's were in Iraq, the unethical firings of US Attorneys for not towing the white house's line not to mention the incredible wasteful spending in the Iraq and Afghan wars along with the no bid contracts to companies that Cheney and his croney friends used to work for and the failed response to Katrina and lack of any domestic policy sans tax breaks. By not aggressively persuing investigations and prosecution of the crimes by the Bush administration, I believe there is a hole in the collective psyche of this country. That may seem overly dramatic but I don't think it's too exaggerated to say that by not persuing criminal investigations, an unconscious sense that the rule of law has been undermined openly and that this country is broken yet again.

    • I agree.
      Also, this is only the US side of this crappy decade.
      Don't even get me started on the international events during the last 10 years.
      You would think that it can't get much worse, and I really hope it won't, but we'll see.
      I hope that 2010+ will be a time of change.

    • GoodDoktorBad | Jan 2, 2010 at 5:27 pm |

      I believe there is a hole in the collective psyche of humans in general, reluctantly said, this includes myself.
      I attempt to think of each individual human as a nexus, each the source of forces that ripple outward, colliding and interacting with other ripples and causing the endless effects that make up the “world”.

      This country has always been “broken” in a sense. It was founded on the principles of “manifest destiny”, which in basics terms means: “we are stronger, so this is mine. Get out of the way or die because God, destiny,
      patriotism or superior force (words for exceptionalism) will crush you. Fear us, the morally superior!”
      Most nations have a similar Guiding principle, whether they can back it up or not.

      It seems that each individual human has this attitude to varying degrees about there own individual life. We are all exceptionalist to some degree just as a matter of “survival” and personal dignity. “Don't tread on me” as they say. Perhaps the “hole in the collective psyche” lies somewhere on this subjective/objective pond.

      Thanks Honu, I appreciate your thoughts and the way you present them. Please continue to post here, you have something good to offer….

  3. if people don't wise up we'll just have another one

  4. It doesn't matter what category you look at- the 90's were superior to the 00's in every conceivable way. From entertainment to politics, from fashion to slang, there's just no comparison.

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