The Right Finds A New Champion In Lt Col Allen West

Is he the Right-Wing’s answer to Obama? Yes, according to The Inquisitr:

Change we can believe in? The American right has found a new champion in the form of retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West.

Appearing in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Lt. Col. Allen West argues the case against Obama like few have done before him: he is articulate, well spoken, oh, and for good measure he’s African American as well.

West ran for Congress in Florida in 2008 and failed, but he’s going for another shot in 2010. Some parts of the US right are also suggesting he could be Presidential material as well.

Whether you agree with his views or not, there’s very little argument on the fact that he is a highly articulate, and able spokesman for the GOP. The Hannity interview as follows:


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1 Comment on "The Right Finds A New Champion In Lt Col Allen West"

  1. Another hilarious astroturf campaign from Hannitary Napkin. “Viral video”. As if. Perhaps among wingnutty and witless teabaggers, but nobody else.

    Here's the real 411 on this.

    In a virtually color-free Republican Party where you can count black conservatives on one hand, they are quite purposely running a black man in the 22nd District of Florida in a transparent attempt to manipulate black voters the way they THOUGHT they could manipulate female voters by putting Sarah Palin on the ticket.

    As in, “Look! It's a woman! With woman parts! Surely you silly females will vote for crusty old Grandpa McCain now, right? Even though Palin's the most regressive anti-female candidate we could find – you're just chicks. You're stupid enough to vote for her just because she's a girl.”

    This is that same kind of disrespectful, insulting, and callous political calculation, only using race instead of gender.

    Adding to the callousness is the fact that 22nd district covers part of Palm Beach County, and was the center of the fraudulent 2000 presidential election that illegally disenfranchised thousands of black voters. This is the real reason why he's being held up as important, even though he's a minor challenger at best.

    Well his Democratic opponent is no pushover, he's represented his district well, and the people there happen to know it. Ron Klein beat the living snot out of the 13-term Republican incumbent who preceded him, and after enduring the BS that was 2000, voters down there are not gonna just buy the conservobot package simply because you wrap it up in black packaging.

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