The Sisterhood of the Rose Will Save The World

So we are giving away copies of Jim Marrs’ latest book, The Sisterhood of the Rose, (while supplies last!) to folks who tweet the following on Friday, December 18th:

The Sisterhood of the Rose Will Save The World @disinfo #books #FreeFriday #Sisterhood

And yes, the more you tweet this, the greater your chance is of receiving a free book.

For more information about The Sisterhood, please check out the companion website,, and read this special message from the author.

Here’s a trailer we made the book:

Jim Marrs will be doing some radio interviews where he’ll discuss his new book, we’ll definitely keep you posted. He’ll be on Coast to Coast AM on Saturday, December 19th. In the meantime, the first FIVE chapters are available on Scribd for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

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  • timetraveller

    u are marvelous darling

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