This Christmas, Bring Home A Crucifix Tree

Christian-themed retailer Boss Creations is “putting the ‘Christ’ back into Christmas.”

Putting one of these in the living room is a real conversation-starter…and after the holiday season is over you can hang laundry on it, or something.

  • mutterhals

    …a bowel movement.

  • Sean

    except christ was never the reason for Christmas,
    he was slapped on top of pagan rituals and festivals to ease the subjugation of the locals.

  • zenistentialdread

    Not be be anal but a crucifix is a cross with jesus nailed to it. Otherwise it's just a cross. That said calling it a “Crucifix Tree” is funny.

  • joannedelaine

    Christmas means christ is born..

    • Sean

      yes but that doesn't change the fact that they changed the date to try and co opt pagan festivals
      look it up, it's fairly common knowledge

  • Incognito

    I was expecting a decorated tree nailed to a cross. I'm very disappointed.

    • Dumbsaint

      Santa nailed to a cross would have sold me

  • GoodDoktorBad

    Where's the Holy bloody corpse? There is nothing like death-on-a-stick to make your holiday brighter…
    Happy Martyr Day!

  • GoodDoktorBad

    Holiday torture/execution devices the whole family will Love!
    A little symbolic blood drinking anyone?

  • girlmachine

    with blood-red flocking for a limited extra charge? I think I'm sold.

  • guest

    excellent post and review !

  • guest

    excellent post and review !