Virgin Galactic Space Program Launched In Mojave Desert

Sarah Gordon for the Daily Mail:

Sir Richard Branson’s first commercial spacecraft is finally being unveiled today after five years of top secret construction.

Potential space tourists will have the chance to lay eyes on the long-awaited SpaceShipTwo created by Virgin Galactic, Branson’s own space programme. Paid-up passengers and VIPs have been promised a ‘theatrical unveiling’ in the Mojave Desert in California and a cocktail party to celebrate the groundbreaking event.

Peter Cheney, a 63-year-old future passenger who was among the first enthusiasts to sign up for a Virgin Galactic experience said: “We’ve all been patiently waiting to see exactly what the vehicle is going to look like. It would be nice to see it in the flesh.”

Created by Burt Rutan, a famed aviation designer, the craft is based on his prototype SpaceShipOne which won a $10million prize in 2004 for being the frist privately-manned craft to reach space…

[continues in the Daily Mail]


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