Why Are Beck, Limbaugh, And Co. Obsessed With Rape?

Media Matters points out the most popular conservative pundits’ weird love of rape metaphors. (Gays are raping us! Obama is raping us! So are illegal immigrants!) I’ll leave it to psychologists to figure out what this all means.

  • epidosisbiou

    The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines 'rape' as “carrying away by force.” It essentially means to force an individual or group to act in a way contrary to their interests.

    Applied to the issue of race and the attempt to appropriate resources and living space once primarily for whites, the term is apt. Whites are being forced to accommodate racial interests not at all their own. Unfortunately, conservatives fail to focus on that issue explicitly, so they are left wrestling with liberals over lifestyle choices, economics and culture.

    • Gemmarama

      oh really? here was me thinking they were just using the word for emotive shock value…

  • upibill

    The definition of rape is originally meant as this

    1250–1300; (v.) ME rapen < AF raper < L rapere to seize, carry off by force, plunder; (n.) ME < AF ra(a)p(e), deriv. of raper

    It seems that the word is being used too often but those examples are over a longer period of time and then compressed to a sound bite. Hardly a fair analysis! Additionally the word in the context they use it does not mean the same as the person posting this would have you believe. It is rather akin to the definition above or to take without consent or plunder. But not in a sexual way. No sane person would favor the discussion of a rape of another human being in a political debate as worthy. Anyone using that word that way in a political debate would truly not last two seconds… so let's not try to sway with sound bites to try to indicate something that is not there. A debate on the politics of today is certainly going to happen but at least let's keep it fair and not try to sway opinion with faulty logic or sound bites trying to gain a point where there is none to be made. For the information of anyone reading this. I believe fair is fair and I would also have defended Reid, Pelosi, or “the other side” if you will. … please let's have the debate but do so with integrity. Without it we have nothing and certainly not a debate! We only then have a contest of who can manipulate the facts best. Shall we base decisions on manipulated information or truth? I will let you decide.

  • connie dobbs

    On behalf of the millions of rape survivors, I would like to thank Beck, Limbag and co for trivializing rape to the point where it's become cliche and derivative. It almost makes the ptsd go away.

  • tonyviner

    I feel raped after watching that. The saddest thing about all of this is that people believe, I think against their better judgment, these people and think that they are right.

  • Sc rewtape

    Your a left wing lune!

  • m__t