Why Vote for the Lesser Evil?

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I think in the year 2000 we actually entered through the looking glass. It’s almost absurd — left is right, up is down, fight terrorism by going shopping and Afghans are “Enduring Freedom” is an incredible Orwellian mind fuck. A sizable minority live in Fox News World and swallow up conservative dribble, because Bush “kept us safe for eight years” except for the day between 9-10 and 9-12 (snap).

Another sizable liberal minority live in Futurama and believe all would have been fine had Al Gore been elected (no terrorism, no war, no hurricanes, no government corruption) unlike the rest of American history. The fact that the two men were both from old political families that served the interests of the elite didn’t phase most people. One was the son and great grandson of presidents; the other a vice president and son of a powerful senator. The majority of eligible voters have grown wise to the game and didn’t even bother to vote.

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2 Comments on "Why Vote for the Lesser Evil?"

  1. “Another sizable liberal minority live in Futurama and believe all would have been fine had Al Gore been elected”

    fuck off. I love futurama but have no misconception that Gore is some panacea to the evil that has polluted this world. Whether or not Gore believes in enviromental message he is selling is beside the point. His alligence is to a corrupt, diversive, monolthic political party that is no different to is fake opponents, the republians.

    If you believe in the message that popular culture like Futurama, Simpsons, Family Guy etc believe in then the only route is support people like Nader, and the Greens.

    That said I the Greens would, eventually, be just as corrupted by power that running society, ultimately gives. Sure there would be much change, many losers and strange winners in a system dominated by the Greens but eventually that system would be corrupted by the very elements that corrupted the current status quo.

    • cmblackbear | Dec 19, 2009 at 12:16 am |

      As the person who wrote the above article and a Futurama fan I don't know what you are getting your panties in a twist about. Futurama has had Al Gore as a frequent guest star and even had a scene where Gore in a parallel universe was elected in 2000. He aptly dealt with all of the US's mainy problems and peace reigned. It was a joke, but some Democrats didn't get the gag and think that's what would have happened. I just think they're just as foolish as the ditto-heads and their worship of Dubya. So kiss my shiny metal ass.

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