Will The Next Illegal Drug Be “Neurostim”?

“The same neurostim device that uses electric impulses from a brain implant to treat people with Parkinsons Disease can be tweaked by a few millimeters and pulse rates to make cocaine addicts feel like they are high all the time…”

The editor of “Dose Nation” describes the current mass market for “cognitive enhancement” products – and argues there’s real black market potential for pleasure-inducing neurostim products.

“Modern consumers have embraced taking whatever pill or procedure their doctors recommend, so all perspective next-gen neurotechnology should take a page from Big Pharmas playbook and pressure MDs to prescribe invasive cognitive solutions to patients for cosmetic and off-label purposes (and pressure insurance companies to cover the costs)!”

“Mix the glamour of surgical self-improvement with the geekiness of high-tech gadget fetishism and you have a niche cosmetic neurostim market waiting to be tapped…”