Woman Knocks Down Pope at Christmas Eve Mass

Vatican Pope ChristmasARIEL DAVID writes on the AP via Yahoo News:

VATICAN CITY — A woman jumped the barriers in St. Peter’s Basilica and knocked down Pope Benedict XVI as he walked down the main aisle to begin Christmas Eve Mass on Thursday.

The 82-year-old pope quickly got up and was unhurt, said a Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Ciro Benedettini. Footage aired on Italy’s RAI state TV showed a woman dressed in a red jumper vaulting over the wooden barriers and rushing the pope before being swarmed by bodyguards.

The commotion occurred as the pope’s procession was making its way toward the main altar and shocked gasps rang out through the public that packed the basilica. The procession came to a halt and security rushed to the trouble spot.

Benedettini said the woman who pushed the pope appeared to be mentally unstable and had been arrested by Vatican police. He said she also knocked down Cardinal Roger Etchegaray, who was taken to hospital for a check up.

“During the procession an unstable person jumped a barrier and knocked down the Holy Father,” Benedettini told The Associated Press by telephone. “(The pope) quickly got up and continued the procession.”

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  1. Mentally ill people can be so unstable. One day they are normal, and the next they are walking around in a dress and funny hat, saying fictional books are real and claiming they can talk to dead people.
    it's really sad
    and rude people can be somewhat unstable too I guess, shoving can be bothersome, and might injure someone. .. not thousands slaughtered in the name of God injured..but like..bruising

  2. Fcuk the “Pope” & Rome (Golgotha). I have as much “authority” as this “holy” ape. If I was there that leech would bow before all humankind, and as the other “authorities” their days are numbered. So take heed all Popes, politicians, lawyers, Rockefellers, Wall Streets, Mafia's, Time Warners, armies, & ditch diggers. The Law of Accelerating Returns applies to intelligence too, you can run but the global awakening of consciousness is near and will consume your fear & ignorance. Everything must change the only constant is infinite possibility.

  3. Anonymous | Jan 2, 2010 at 5:08 pm |

    (Pope)Loon vs. Loon

  4. GoodDoktorBad | Jan 2, 2010 at 12:08 pm |

    (Pope)Loon vs. Loon

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