• tonyviner

    This is a little off subject but I think it is sad that the only times we learn about other peoples, countries and cultures are usually when a lot of people just died. I am guilty too, just thought it was interesting.

  • brianalayn

    In two day's time $2 Million has been donated to the Red Cross through this text option. It wont stop there…

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    I'm trying to start a fundraiser at my school so I can send anything, money, food, i don't even know what else, to haiti to help in any small way possible with the food crisis
    What are some organizations that I can contact so I know what to do, who to send it to, and if it will actually get where I want it to go?

  • http://drewt333.blogspot.com/ drewt333

    To support the Direct Relief International earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, donate online ( http://bit.ly/5yUfNM )or text the message “Give10″ to the number 20222 to donate $10 via your mobile phone.

  • http://ratemypoo.com/ RMP

    Idiots… where do you think this money is going. Damn sheep.

  • Mike

    why is the Red Cross charging 25 cents pur cup
    of water to Haiti people hmm a money scam to make these basturds richer

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    This very informative about helping to Haiti..well done….
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  • Greymase

    Also, text “Haiti” to 501501. 100% of the funds received by the Charity Yele Haiti will be applied to Earthquake relief!