Average Age of Churchgoers Now 61, Church of England Report Finds

From The Telegraph:

The report, compiled by the research and statistics department of the Archbishops’ Council, also found half of those in the pews are pensioners.

Some rural congregations were older than 65 on average, while the youngest Anglicans were found in London, with the ‘standard’ churchgoer aged 54.

It compares with the population as a whole where the average adult age is 48.

This is the first year in which the Church has analysed the ages of its congregations in detail, so no long-term trends can be determined.

However, weekly church attendance continues to fall according to separate figures published on Friday. Around 1.14m people went to a church service at least once a week in 2008, the latest figures show, but average Sunday attendance was down to 960,000 from 978,000 the previous year.

There were also slightly fewer infant baptisms, confirmations, marriages and funerals.

Details of the ages of churchgoers are likely to reinforce fears that congregations will continue to dwindle.

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2 Comments on "Average Age of Churchgoers Now 61, Church of England Report Finds"

  1. That's because the church and all organized religion is irrelevant. The disparity between people's lives and experiences of the world and the antiquated, literal, dour fantasy world organized religion sells creates a dissonance that more and more people realize doesn't work.

    That and the fact that our solar system is accelerating energetically and the lives lead accelerate accordingly all leading towards a new direction collectively for humanity. This means shedding our old B.S.

  2. GoodDoktorBad | Jan 23, 2010 at 4:48 pm |

    The “Rapture” begins…
    The sleepers awake.
    The prisoners escape…

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