CIA Resolved to Avenge Agents’ Deaths

Via ABC News:

The CIA, reeling from the assassination of seven of its operatives in Afghanistan earlier this week, said that its resolve to find and attack Taliban and al Qaeda leaders is “greater than ever.” CIA spokesman George Little would not discuss specifics of the Wednesday attack, the deadliest assault on the CIA since the 1983 bombing of the Beirut embassy. Little did suggest, however, that the loss would be avenged.

“There is much about the attack that isn’t yet known, but this much is clear: The CIA’s resolve to pursue aggressive counterterrorism operations is greater than ever,” Little told The Associated Press. The Association of Former Intelligence Officers said the deaths of the agents “should remind the public that the CIA is truly on the front lines in this war; one that remains officially unrecognized.”

Organization president Gene Poteat said he appreciated President Obama’s letter of condolences to agency staffers, but criticized Obama for “his silence” on the Department of Justice’s effort to prosecute CIA personnel over allegations of torture during the Bush administration.

“Yet we expect these patriots to continue despite such personal and professional risks abroad — and at home,” Poteat said. Few details have emerged that could be confirmed about the attack and its deadly consequences.

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  1. maybe the cia should stop creating monsters like the taliban in the first place

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