Danny Schechter: U.S. Has Let Haiti Down

Russia Today interviews “news dissector” Danny Schechter, who slams the United States government for its continuing failure to assist Haitians.


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8 Comments on "Danny Schechter: U.S. Has Let Haiti Down"

  1. Even if I am not a U.S native..I believe that they are doing things to help Haiti..Despite what others say..lets put that in mind that U.S is the only nation who never stop sharing what they have..

    • wow dude pure ignorance. what about the hundreds of cuban doctors? french doctors? chinese aid planes?

      What about the americans turning away aid planes from the airport?

  2. Ignorance? R-e-a-d Kent's message carefully, a little slower….dude.

    Also, did you realize the US is running the airport and, according to USA Today, that airport is handling three times it's expected capacity? What was on the planes that were turned around – Hollywood folks looking for a photo op?

    • From democracy now:
      “Doctors Without Borders legal director Francoise Saulnier says a plane carrying over twelve tons of aid was turned back from landing three times this week.”

      And plenty more where that came from. I DO realize the US is running the airport. And they're militarizing the aid efforts. That is my complaint.

  3. Word Eater | Jan 21, 2010 at 12:27 pm |

    And yet, if we'd sent in the military to clamp down on the looting and stomp the gangs currently taking over, we'd have been seen as “imperialist” and perhaps as bullies.

    • Thats exactly what we are doing! And refusing to let aid flow out into port au prince until “security” is achieved. Its inhuman.

  4. Greg Palast said it best. “Blackwater before drinking water.” Heckuva job there, Gates/Brownie.

  5. AGREE. Given the damage to the ports and airport, the aid could have been prioritized better with the medical needs in mind. So many people could have been saved or at least experienced less suffering if medical aid had been brought in sooner. The USA seems to think that militarization of all problems is necessary and has inherent value.

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