DEADLINE TODAY! — Help Fund ‘PLUNDER: The Crime Of Our Time’


All of us become weary of the incessant pleas for funding. However, I am sick and tired of being “sick and tired” of the Banksters, the funding of their casinos, the ever increasing subjugation to the banks and Wall Street.

How about you?

Today, and today only, you can help us finish the film PLUNDER, the story of the financial crisis as a crime story but you have to do it by 5 PM EST TODAY (Jan. 20, 2010). You can be a part of this film for as little as $1.00. [Back This Project]


How do I make a pledge?

First, enter your pledge amount and select a reward. On the next page we’ll ask you to log in or sign up with, and then we’ll send you to Amazon Payments to complete your pledge with a major credit card.

When is my credit card charged?

If this project is fully funded on January 20, 05:00pm EST your credit card will be charged along with all the other backers of this project.

So my card is only charged if funding succeeds?

Yes! That’s part of what makes Kickstarter special. If a project isn’t fully funded, no one pays anything.

That’s all the time we have remaining on

What would our future be like if Elizabeth “the last great hope of the middle-class” Warren, head of the TARP oversight committee, a professor at Harvard, a champion of Main Street, had run for Ted Kennedy’s seat?

With immense fervor, I daily pray for President Obama to take that new wonder drug, “Grow-a-cet,” and fire the unholy trinity, i.e., Rahm [he made $18 MILLION on Wall Street in 30 months], Geithner [watch Elizabeth Warren confront Timmy], and Summers [earned $5.2 MILLION for one day of wrok for Wall Street], all of whom played a role in this economic meltdown. Geithner’s replacement should be Brooksley “I Told You So” Born who, in addition to the remarkable Sheila Bair, head of the FDIC and has fought Geithner, amongst others for us, not only could but moreover, would effectuate CHANGE we not only can believe in but benefit from as a constituency.

Yesterday, we received this letter from Michael Peters in Australia. He wants to help:

“Just completed my pledge of $100 through Kickstarter/Amazon. I live in Sydney, Australia – please choose min cost method of shipping or let me know.”

We MUST raise $3000

So far, we are more than halfway there but we will lose everything if we can’t reach our goal by TODAY!

In addition to making REAL change, if you give $500, you can have lunch on Wall Street with Danny in addition to being listed in the film’s credits, and receiving a “goodie bag” with films and books and … being paid in the currency of fulfillment.

We know that Haiti emergency has impacted this fund raising drive. And, the adage, “charity begins at home,” is also apt.

While producing the blog on the tragic and heartbreaking events in Haiti, I cannot help but wonder, where has been the telethon, or the ability to “text” help to the millions who have lost their jobs, their homes or their FICO scores during this crime of our time?

It’s our hope you can be generous on both fronts.

Please help make this film. Please be a Nike reader and just “DO IT” — NOW — dissectrix

Why Danny Needs Your Help

The film is completely shot, mostly edited, principally by volunteers and interns assisting Danny. It desperately needs a sound mix, color correction, creation of DVD Extras, and DVD authoring, all of which cost real money. The Disinformation Company, a home video distributor, is kicking in some of the money for this, but not enough. Danny needs $3,000 to be able to deliver the project for release.

Why He Needs Your Help Right Now

If the guilty parties on Wall Street and in Washington are to be brought to justice and serve jail time, we must put maximum pressure on lawmakers, regulators and attorneys general while the paper trail of evidence is still hot and still within relevant statutes of limitation. The recession may have been artificially shortened and sweetened by the stimulus, but thousands of people are still losing their jobs and their homes as a result of the bailout. Please join Danny in pushing for a corresponding jailout.

The Director

Danny Schechter is a veteran journalist who writes and speaks about economic and media issues. He is a multiple Emmy Award winner, having been a producer for ABC News, CNN and other major networks. His daily blog ‘News Dissector’ appears on, the website he edits, with weekly online commentaries on Huffington Post, Buzzflash, Alternet, Global Research, ZNet, Creative-I and many others. He has directed numerous films including ‘In Debt We Trust’ and ‘Weapons of Mass Deception.’

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