Dear Apple: We Wanted This, Not An Expensive and Bulky iPhone

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  1. alyssamjo | Jan 29, 2010 at 10:31 am |

    The iPad functions as a Macbook and iPod touch. You can run iWorks while enjoying the best of apps. It really serves no 'improve-my-daily-life' function for me, so I won't be purchasing one, but I just wanted to shed some light on the fact that it is still very much like a computer. Also, did you really mean to say “Everyone thinks WE'RE douchebags???” Just curious.

    • No multitasking, no flash support, not even a USB port (not that you could access files from it anyway). How exactly does this function as a Macbook beyond being closer to the same size??

      • it has a usb.

        • It does not have USB. Not unless you connect a bulky adapter to it. And for the record, you cannot install software on this thing unless its been blessed by the App Store. That means No Firefox, No Adium, No Handbrake, No VMWare, No uTorrent no nothing.

          How exactly is this like a Macbook?

    • I think he probably did, as an Apple consumer myself, I can safely and from an unbiased perspective say that, most Apple consumers are irrationally and irrevocably praising anything turtleneck says.

  2. I think you've misjudged who this is targeted at, this is for normal people not power users who would be better
    off with a powerbook. Not everything has to make geeks happy.

    • “Power users” wouldn't use an apple product…:)

      • Would “Hollywood” count? They make movies plenty of movies with Macs… think that requires some definition of “power?”

        • Aeiluindae | Jan 29, 2010 at 3:25 pm |

          They make plenty of movies with Linux, too. Just saying.

        • No they don't. That's more of that deluded “Macs are used by professionals” lies people like to spread around on Mac sites.

          Not a single major studio uses Macs even for basic office tasks (I know this because I actually KNOW people in the industry. I don't just swallow what the average Mac fanboy likes to pull out of his ass on sites like this.). Get over it, nobody but technically-incompetent morons use Macs.

          Pixar uses almost exclusively Linux boxes for all their work, despite their former affiliation with Steve Jobs. Visual effects are almost ALWAYS done and rendered on Linux machines. Editing is done on Windows or in-house proprietary systems, not Mac.

      • david45011 | Jan 29, 2010 at 5:22 pm |

        Your mama does and she got the power!



      They know better. Apple products lack functionality, power, and flexibility and are marketed to morons like you who actually think they are high quality and more useful than their competition. Meanwhile, the competition ends up doing more than Apple ever does for thier products.

      iPod alternatives support more formats, have higher capacities, and suffer less failures.

      iPhone is a gimmicky toy compared to the G1, Droid, or Pre.

      Same goes for the iPod touch versus virtually every device made by HTC.

      Every mac has less hardware versatility and are never as advanced as current-generation mainstream PCs.

      OS X itself is a crippled BSD which can't even do half the things even a “beginner” distribution of Linux can do.

      Trust me. Power users do NOT even TOUCH Apple products.

  3. Right on, man. Right on.

  4. James_Smith | Jan 29, 2010 at 12:45 pm |

    In addition to the unfortunate name, I think Apple missed the target big time with this. 

    First, they apparently want you to purchase all content from Apple.  They don’t mention that you can download free content. No thanks, no way.  Then, no flash capability, no USB port, likely no user-replaceable battery, and a really ugly bezel.  What was Steve thinking?

    What does it do that a normal tablet PC won't do?  Even one several years old and available for far less?  Or a used netbook, for that matter.  Show wide-screen movies?  Not with the screen dimensions they use.

    My ten y/o Walkabout HH3 tablet pc holds my 800+ free ebooks, shows my videos, pictures, has GPS, wifi, and cost a lot less.  Did I mention it's waterproof rugged, and almost indestructible?  Having used Macs for over 20 years, I appreciate that there are only to things of positive note with the iPad.  That it uses an Apple-designed chip, and an SSD drive.  Both went almost unnoticed in the hype.  The SSD drive will soon be the industry standard and Apple doing their own processors should be a wake-up call for Intel. 

    Other than those two items, I see a big worm in the Apple.

    • Dude you use your normal, several year old pc tablet and i'll play with my shiney new tablet when i get it… I'm pretty sure i'll be the one smiling…. after all this is just a product needed to read books, check out the net on the run and send emails…. i'm pretty sure it can do all those things fantastically.

      • Except when you want to read an eBook while listening to Pandora Radio. Or send an e-mail while chatting with someone online or work on a document in iWork while researching it on the web.

        Then you're pretty much screwed.

      • Shiny != Good.

        Call me when Apple actually makes a product that actually does something other than appeal to people with goldfish-like brains like yours.

  5. I agree. I call it the iVault.

  6. Best would have been a combination of both – I'm thinking of the current iPad – but when you put it on the dock/connect a keyboard, the iPhone like UI drops down the screen in Time Machine like fashion and reveals your normal desktop – just imagining….

  7. nfnkalyan | Jan 29, 2010 at 4:19 pm |

    turn the macbook screen sideways, paint it black and add a button. your wish is granted.

  8. No USB, trying plugging a usb stick into it. You can't.

  9. PROTIP: That's called a regular-ass tablet laptop. There are lots of those, and they're all stupid, and they never sell well. The iPad is different because it restricts itself to those things which actually work with its interface, rather than trying to do everything. I'm still not buying one anytime soon, because I carry a laptop anyway, and I don't want to carry another thing around.

  10. And here I was wondering if they would develop their own pen-tablet hardware or buy third party hardware like Wacom… I'm guessing Coral or Adobe won't be releasing finger-friendly iPad versions of their software anytime soon.

  11. I think Apple blew it too. It's missing a camera and it's way too restrictive. I'll wait for a more flexible version with a built-in camera. Then I might get one for my folks so we can video chat.

    • I agree with most,no cam, big iPhone that needs to be slung underarm, no flash, retentive apps, if we continue to i…,we will iPh.. or iPo..we will probably never iPa.. should have iSlated and relaxed

  12. agree completly

  13. the ipad is not supposed to be a lap top replacement. . . but something different. . .it is about user experience. stop being douches and if you can do better then do it. . . can't then shut up.

  14. Speak for yourself. The only thing I want from Apple is Steve Jobs' resignation and a bankruptcy declaration. NOTHING Apple makes is as good as the competition, and they cost you a lot more for a lot less.

    You Apple fanboys wasted your money. I guarantee you.

  15. Really weird, this iPad thing. I mean, it's just a big iPod Touch, right? But I guess iPad makes a better name than “MaxiPod” right?

  16. Watch a “Pirates of Silicon Valley” movie – you’ll get it all …

  17. Watch a “Pirates of Silicon Valley” movie – you'll get it all …

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