Domestic Espionage Alert: Spy Drone Discovered

From News Junkie Post:

KPRC news in Houston recently filmed a secret experiment by law enforcement agencies including the Dept. of Homeland Security of a drone intended to spy on Americans.

The drone uncovered during this investigation are not like the large, expensive models used by the military for targeted strikes on militants half a world away. These are manufactured by Insitu out of Bingen, Washington (corporate offices located in Australia), only weigh about 40 pounds (18.1 kg) before monitoring equipment is installed. This model has the capacity to stay airborne for up to a day.
The Houston Police Department responded with the following statement, “Potential public safety applications include mobility, evacuations, homeland security, search and rescue, as well as tactical.”…

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3 Comments on "Domestic Espionage Alert: Spy Drone Discovered"

  1. One word: “Pull!”

    No more need to buy clay pigeons, the po-po just offered up something for every nut with a gun to take a whack at.

  2. If I saw one of those flying over my home I would shoot the damned thing down.
    I live in Kentucky, And I live out of my cities restriction area. I can shoot off my front porch without anyone even calling the cops. In fact everyone in my city would be shooting at it with me.
    City dwellers don't give a damn about their rights because they know that if they ever were attacked by a real threat they would be to big of wimps to do anything about it.
    Most people don't carry a gun with them because they are afraid the police will arrest them.
    People like that won't say a word to things like this.
    A drone isn't going stop a murder, bank robbery, high speed pursuit, domestic violence, rape, theft, or anything else for that matter. The only thing this is going to be good for is assisting in those situations and it should only be in the air for tactical assistance on the larger scale situations. Not like what happens on the day to day basis.
    If this device has the ability to look into my home and watch me and my family go about our daily lives without our consent or knowledge, then by god It's going down. And lets just say I would have the means to do so.
    I am a god-fearing patriot and I know my rights as a Citizen of These United States and I don't care what Bill, Act, or mandate the socialists in D.C pass. I have my rights and I will fight for them.

  3. Looks like a possible good tool for tactical situations, but should not be used for just routine surveilance.
    However, I do think Prof Rhodes of South Texas College of Law needs to go back to school – and bone up on the Supreme Court decisions concerning “Open Fields” and “Plain View” before he makes the comments he did. You might not like it – but it is legal for law enforcement agencies to use helicopters and airplanes to look down at us – manned or unmanned aircraft.

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