Fox Spent Weeks Promoting Apparent Tea Party Scam

From Alternet:

TPM Media’s Zachary Roth reported earlier in the week that the political action committee that organized the Tea Party Express — Our Country Deserves Better PAC — funneled almost two-thirds of its spending from July to November back to the political consulting firm from which it was spawned, Russo, Marsh, and Associates. More than $850,000 of the money the supposedly grassroots PAC collected went to the firm of GOP political operatives who ran it.

For those who may have forgotten, the Tea Party Express was the faux-grassroots operation that Fox News hopped aboard in late August, after the network’s promotion of the health care town hall meeting disruptions but before they started flogging the 9-12 protest. (It’s so hard to keep Fox’s political activism straight!) It was a nationwide bus tour organized by a political action committee whose mission is to oppose President Obama and other Democrats; with a pedigree like that, how could Fox resist?

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5 Comments on "Fox Spent Weeks Promoting Apparent Tea Party Scam"

  1. Word Eater | Jan 3, 2010 at 6:17 pm |

    The Christian radio station I listen to mentioned the “Tea Party Movement” as evidence that the American people don't want national health care.

    Hmm. But what does the Loch Ness Monster have to say about the issue, I wonder?

  2. Polymorpheous | Jan 3, 2010 at 8:09 pm |

    the tea party movement was started by the campaign for liberty. it was to protest the bank bailouts of october 2008.

    the republicrats and faux news are hijacking this movement. after the GOP lost the elections they needed to steal the momentum of the libertarian party. notice they can't even do that right?

  3. The Tea Party movement is celebrating its one year anniversary.

  4. Jenkins missed out on the real story: how loyal tea-party-goers were separated from their hard-earned cash, which was funneled to fat cat Republican political consultants.

  5. What a shock that a “grass roots” political movement so obviously spawned by the corrupt would turn out to be corrupt. Fucking conservatives are destroying this country and acting like we should thank them for it.

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