Haitian Police Admit Gangs Have Taken Over Port-au-Prince

Sounds like a comic book or some Hollywood movie, an earthquake freeing prisoners, if only. Bruno Waterfield writes in the Telegraph:

Haitian authorities conceded they had lost their battle to maintain order in Port-au-Prince after the leaders of the city’s crime gangs reclaimed their old turf since being freed when the national prison collapsed last week.

The gangsters have stepped into the law and order vacuum, notably in the sprawling shanty town of Cite Soleil which they dominated before being locked up following police operations supported by United Nations troops over the last three years.

“Even as we are digging bodies out of buildings, they are trying to attack our officers,” said Aristide Rosemond a Cite Soleil police inspector.

The Haitian authorities, already weak and reliant on UN forces, are now crippled by heavy casualties and widespread destruction of infrastructure while international peacekeepers are focused on disaster relief.

Jean-Max Bellerive, Haiti’s prime minister, has despaired of the state’s ability to tackle a new post-earthquake crime wave sweeping his country’s devastated capital.

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  1. This doesn't smell right. All the reports from Pacifica, filed from people there on the ground, mention no significant security threat. Sure there are some desperate people growing more desperate by the hour, so there is going to be some chaos… but beyond that it seems like this is all propaganda. That picture is supposedly a private security guard making sure desperate people can't get to some store-owners private property. Yet the telegraph flies it under a headline about gang violence.

    The UN has been helping the Preval government crack down on supporters of Aristide, basically jailing and disappearing people for their political beliefs. And now the crackdrown in Cite Soleil was gang related? No, these are by and large political prisoners.

    And the police chief saying its chaos, he needs help? Of course he is saying that. Half the Hatiian government is dead or presumed dead, the president has yet to address his own people, the place is in anarchy. So, whats a politically savvy police chief to do? Parrot the line the US is giving him. “Its so crazy here, please send more of your soldiers”. The Haitians need food. Water. Not guns and soldiers, unless they plan on feeding marines to the starving population.

  2. Why does these bandits take a break just for once their country is in so much pain and still they managed to cause trouble

  3. Why does these bandits take a break just for once their country is in so much pain and still they managed to cause trouble

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