Head Of Security At World Economic Forum Found Dead In Davos

There must be a conspiracy theory attached to this story, surely? There isn’t much news coming out of the Davos 2010World Economic Forum currently underway in Davos, so this item in the New York Times really stood out for me:

Unpleasant news hit the World Economic Forum on Tuesday, after local authorities aid they had found the police commander heading security dead, in what looked like a suicide.

The head of the police in the Swiss canton of Graubuenden, Markus Reinhardt, was found dead in his hotel in Davos, the police of the south-eastern canton said in a media release on its Web site, according to Reuters.

“All indications point to a suicide,” it added…


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3 Comments on "Head Of Security At World Economic Forum Found Dead In Davos"

  1. Suicide? Or suicided?

  2. If I were working to protect these evil people from the righteous anger of all those they've oppressed, my conscience might cause me to end my life, as well. On the other hand, any time a government ( any government) says “suicide” it is smart to hear murder. No government is worthy of trust.

  3. Remember Vitoli from “Smokin' Aces”? This is what this is reminiscent of. Guy murders head of security, and then guy impersonates head of security up to the moment that he has been “had”.

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