Losing the Internet as We Know It

From The Huffington Post:

How much have you already used the Internet today?

We don’t think twice about how much we rely on the Internet. Imagine not being able to map directions on Google or check the weather online. A business that doesn’t have a Web site? Forgettable. Or rather, unsearchable. Remember when we didn’t have e-mail? Would you want to go back to those Dark Ages? Me neither.

The Internet is in the very fabric of how we communicate, learn, shop, conduct business, organize, innovate and engage. If we lost it, we’d be lost.

But did you know that we’re at risk of losing the Internet as we know it? Millions of Americans don’t know that a battle over the future of the Internet is being played out right now in Washington. How it ends will have deep repercussions for decades to come.

On one side are public interest and consumer groups, small businesses, Internet entrepreneurs, librarians, civil libertarians and civil rights groups who want to preserve the Internet as it is – the last remaining open communications platform where anyone with access and a computer can create and consume online content.

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3 Comments on "Losing the Internet as We Know It"

  1. Yeah, and if John McCain and the telecoms that are paying him have their way, you can kiss REAL internet freedom goodbye.

    People both on the right AND the left think he's lost his mind on this one. Check it out:


    Right now you need to not only keep your eye on what's happening at the FCC, but also at the much more dangerous, and much more whorish United States Senate.

    McCain doesn't like “the internets” and especially bloggers, because “they're infatuated with self-expression.” Funny. I thought America itself kinda liked that whole idea.

    McCain's Orwellian-named Internet Freedom Act supposedly bars government control of the internet — and turns it right over to the hands of a few powerful corporations, who'll screw it up the same way that they screwed up the banking industry. Higher fees, less service, more of the little guy getting screwed. The only “freedom” John McCain is trying to secure, is freedom for corporations to financially rape you and stifle/control how you express yourself on the net.

    Remember who we're talking about:


    Yeah, that about sums it up. This is a man who shouldn't be within a thousand yards of any sort of 21st Century technology-related policy.

  2. Anonymous | Jan 17, 2010 at 1:13 am |

    He barely knew what a Google was.

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