Nevermore? No Mystery Visitor to Poe’s Grave for First Time in 60 Years

You can get a more detailed description of the mystery on Wikipedia. Here’s the report from the Baltimore Sun:

Poe Mystery VisitorA longtime tribute to Edgar Allan Poe may have come to an end with the absence of the “Poe Toaster,” who for more than half a century has marked the poet’s birthday by laying roses and a bottle of cognac at his original grave site.

This is the first time since Jan. 19, 1949 that the person, whose identity is unknown, failed to arrive, said Jeff Jerome, curator of the Edgar Allan Poe House.

“I was very annoyed,” he said. “I’ve been doing this since 1977, and there was no indication he wasn’t going to show up,” Jerome said.

The curator said the toaster usually arrives between midnight and 5:30 a.m. He said he arrived at Westminster Hall at 10:30 p.m., because one year the toaster left his offerings at 11:30 p.m.

He sometimes kneels at the tombstone or puts his hands on it, Jerome said. “There’s no elaborate ceremony — it’s very short and touching,” he said.

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  • Dr. Shane

    grief, mourning and remembrance are not supposed to be a spectator sport.

  • Synapse

    It's possible, ya know, that after 60 years the Mystery Visitor himself finally died.

    • anonymous

      In 1993, a note was left with the flowers and cognac stating he had passed the tradition to his sons, so, perhaps they just lacked the dedication he did, or decided to stop at his 201st anniversary, since last year was the 200th anniversary of poe's death.

  • Blah

    Synapse, that's exactly what I was thinking.

  • Yeah yeah yeahs

    Wow, that guy Jerome is wicked rude. What if the visitor did die, like Synapse said? Damn you visitor! Your death annoyed me! Geez.

  • nuff_said

    Let us raise our glasses to the Toaster.

  • Brian

    He probably died, must have been at least 80 years old.

  • aaron

    This fails to mention the large group of reporters and spectators waiting for him near the graveyard. The toaster has been doing this anonymously for years. He or she most likely wishes to remain anonymous.

  • Pipez

    it hasn't been the same person all this time. a note was left in '93 saying “The torch will be passed” and in 99' there was a note saying that the original Toaster had passed away a year earlier.

  • Dur Dur Dur

    He probably didn't come because he was dead, or has alzheimers.

  • The Toaster

    Ah crap! I forgot to leave the roses and cognac this year! My bad

  • The Toaster

    Ah crap! I forgot to leave the roses and cognac this year! My bad