Quitting cigarettes increases diabetes risk

Here’s the perfect excuse to back out of your new year’s resolution.

from newscientist.com


For smokers under pressure to give up in 2010, it will seem like the ultimate excuse: quitting smoking appears to increase the risk of diabetes.

Smokers are on average 30 per cent more likely than non-smokers to develop type 2 or adult-onset diabetes. Now a study of 10,892 adults over 10 years has found that, in the first six years after giving up, former smokers are 70 per cent more likely than non-smokers to develop the disease.

Hsin-Chieh Yeh and colleagues at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, found that the risk of diabetes is highest straight after quitting and gradually reduces to that of non-smokers. This is most likely because quitting makes people more likely to put on weight, which is known to increase the risk of diabetes.

The results shouldn’t discourage people from quitting, but former smokers should gradually increase the amount of exercise they do, suggests Martin Dockrell of the UK anti-smoking charity ASH.

Journal reference: Annals of Internal Medicine, vol 152, p 10

  • girlmachine

    Goddammit. When I first quit, I traded in my smoking addiction for chocolate chip cookies. That lasted about year, and just as I was able to kick the sugar habit and lower my risk of diabetes, I started smoking again. Now I have to start all over, but it seems like no matter what I do, I'm probably still gonna die of some painful disease.

  • Anti-Smoker

    This research brought to you by Big Tobacco.

  • radiac

    I've been on a steady diet of fingernails ever since i quit. Possibly even grosser than smoking.
    As David Sedaris wrote, “sooner or later something's gonna get you”.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/PDDVWRQVUPMKRGHURIEQVNYWHQ Sean

    i think the rabid anti smokers are more irritating than catching a lung full of smoke

  • http://twitter.com/xsxixmx Justin Richardson

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  • JAWW

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  • davee44

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