Red State Soundsystem’s Josh Ellis on DIY Music Production and more

red state soundsystemVia Technoccult:

Multi-instrumentalist Joshua Ellis, who records under the name Red State Soundsystem, has just self-released his debut album Ghosts a Burning City. Ellis — whose music sounds like a cross between Paul Simon and Nine Inch Nails — recorded, mixed, and mastered the album himself. I caught up with him via instant messenger to talk about his music and DIY music production. […]

The most important things, I think, are these: a good audio interface with minimal noise and high-bitrate capabilities, and the best microphone preamp you can afford. With those things, you can afford to be a little lax on other stuff.

Also, the most important investment is time. Learn everything you can. Listen to your favorite albums, figure out what you like about the sound, try to figure out how they did it. Read reviews of gear. Read magazines like Sound on Sound and Future Music. It took me a lot longer to learn how to record than it actually did to record the album.

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