Rep. Ron Paul Weighs In On The State Of The Nation

Texas Rep. Ron Paul talks about Obama’s first year, where he thinks the country is headed and his plans for 2012.

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  1. i wish he wouldn't have thrown away his credibility going on the alex jones show

  2. I respect Ron Paul on issues of things like fighting the surveillance/secrecy cult, and his anti- war stance, along with his position on rational drug laws, but where he's throwing away his credibility in part in this interview, is with the whole false equivalency thing.

    Democrats (the real ones, not faux Dems like Ben Nelson Mary Landrieu, or Liebermush) are not the same as Republicans.

    McCain DEFINITELY would have been worse than Obama. Where Ron Paul is correct, is that every mistake Obama has made, has in one way or another come about by AGREEING with or pandering to the Republicans.

    The fact is Paul still hasn't grasped that the main reason why we're in an economic mess is BECAUSE there was no government oversight of big business. Less government regulation of large finance is BAD. That segment NEEDS to be restrained (and ironically, in the era of Teddy Roosevelt, Republicans would have agreed).

    But like most on the right today, the truth is he doesn't believe in government. And if you don't believe government has a positive role to play, you're not going to be very good at running it.

    Where Paul was also correct, was in pointing out that this economic crisis happened over decades. Ever since Reagan the rightwing has been weakening worker and consumer protections, and Republican-lite like Clinton aided that effort by signing crap law like NAFTA into effect. But the last 8 Bush years in particular were the deregulators, and corporatists gone wild. And this is what you get when you let “the market” run itself.

    It's like a car with no brakes.

    • those “real” democrats are only there to keep the game going,
      the 2 party system is a good cop/bad cop con , nothing ever changes but the golden hope of “next time”
      keeps the citizens realizing they have no say in the real government.

    • well said, but i think you may misunderstand his concept/perspective of a “free market” system, in the meantime, you should look into his bill to audit the fed (he's pretty much the only one in congress trying to do that, incidentally).

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