Swine Flu “False Pandemic” Biggest Pharma-Fraud Of Century

Illustration of influenza antigenic shift.From Russia Today:

The Council of Europe will launch a probe into pharmaceutical companies after reports that vaccine manufacturers pressured the World Health Organization into declaring swine flu pandemic seeking increase in profits.

It was supposed to be a deadly pandemic, but is so far is nothing more than a serious cold.

And it has left a lasting headache as a debate rages over whether pharmaceutical companies deliberately misled governments about the seriousness of swine flu to make them stockpile vaccines.

The legal standards organization, the Council of Europe, will gather the arguments.

“Britain has spent a fortune on preparations,” says Paul Flynn, Vice Chairman at the Council of Europe Health Committee. “We have caused a great deal of stress to the population, people are very anxious about it, and we’ve distorted the priorities of our health service. I believe when we have a thorough investigation, and we look at this, we’ll discover that’s the story – the world has been subjected to a stunt for the own greedy interests of the pharmaceutical companies.”

European countries bought billions of dollars worth of vaccine from pharmaceutical companies including Baxter, GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi-Pasteur. Some of the contracts included a clause where governments could get out of buying the drugs if they were no longer needed. But some, notably ones with GlaxoSmithKline, did not.

“We continue to support governments in managing the H1N1 influenza pandemic. This includes ongoing discussions about existing orders for our pandemic vaccines,” reads the officials statement from the company.

Governments all over Europe are now saddled with billions of dollars worth of unnecessary swine flu vaccine. They are trying to sell it, but supply now far exceeds demand. So because governments wanted to be seen to be acting decisively, the European taxpayers have found themselves seriously out of pocket.

Health expert Gawain Towler says pharmas will be pharmas, and it’s governments who should have been less gullible…

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  1. Since this is fraud when is the FTC going to investigate it? Why didn't anyone go to that pig farm and trace the first virus & who brought it there? It came from a laboratory, and Baxter Drugs applied for the swine flu patent 1 year before the epidemic. Spain got their money back for this swine vaccine, seems the US taxpayer just spent 5 billion on a useless vaccine, & continue to buy vaccines that harm their kids? How stupid are they?

  2. I have to agree that this was a fabricated scam. My 14-year-old daughter was on chemotherapy for a year, and continues to be on immunosuppresant therapy. We asked her doctors at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia last spring about this new flu and what we should do about; and they were not concerned one bit. They told us back then it's a non-event and not to take any more precautions than with the regular flu.

  3. Not fraud, just corporatocracy at work.


  4. Not fraud, just corporatocracy at work.


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