The Haiti Disaster and Superstition

Nick P. at Black Sun Gazette

The current disaster in Haiti is a tragedy of epic proportions. The cleanup, which will almost certainly never happen in any meaningful way, would take years if given the full weight of the world’s productive resources that it deserves. Haiti is entirely unequipped to deal with such a disaster, and the death toll is expected to be in the hundreds of thousands. All three of Port au Prince’s hospitals were destroyed in the earthquake, leaving the survivors to do little more than perform first aid on any survivors found. The effects of this tragedy will impact the national psychology of the small island nation for years to come. There is much confusion in the popular press about Haiti, both it’s history and its current situation. The disaster, however, makes possible a “teachable moment” (har har) about the inability of non-materialist world views to explain the world in which we live.

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5 Comments on "The Haiti Disaster and Superstition"

  1. why does Haiti deserve “the full weight of the world’s productive resources”?
    has the nation of haiti made important contributions to the world at large in the arts, sciences, culture?
    or is the return on investment likely to produce some great boon to the world at large? I am in favor of helping Haiti , but they don't “deserve” the full weight of the worlds resources any more than any other land that gets hit with a disaster.

  2. As the Ambassador for Haiti to the United Nations pointed out, America owes all the land they got in the Louisiana Purchase to the Slave Revolt that this Robertson douche is blithering about, so America at least DOES owe Haitians a great deal historically.

    But even if we didn't, one would hope that SIMPLE COMPASSION would demand that we help them. Or didn't simple compassion occur to you, Sean?

    • no one deserves compassion, it is something given freely….oh and judging by the state of the territory we gained in the Louisiana purchase i wouldn't say we owe them that much.

  3. I know this isnt a particularly detailed comment but….. what a sad brainwashed dick.

  4. I know this isnt a particularly detailed comment but….. what a sad brainwashed dick.

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