The Known Universe (Video)

Via American Museum of Natural History:

  • tonyviner

    I've actually been there.

    • santosfabian

      really? dmt?

      • tonyviner

        The only thing from Brazil that I like is Sepultura. Oh, and big asses.

  • Bill Callahan

    Beatiful video. My first reaction to this, however, was to ask why the earth seems to be rotating the the wrong direction, from east to west instead of from west to east (which is necessary to have the sun rise in the east. On further thought it occurred to me that this video could only be shot from a satellite traveling from west to east around the earth, which accounts for the apparent reverse motion. The satellite is travelling east at a higher speed than the earth's eastward rotation. Duhhhh!

  • Anonymous

    amazing! (the known universe)

  • bryser1

    amazing! (the known universe)