The State of the American Church – The Black Fridays

The Black Fridays – Episode 4: Derek Gilbert

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Derek co-hosts PID Radio with his wife Sharon and hosts A View From The Bunker.  We had an amazing time speaking with Derek about his ministry in PID and AVFTB and about the wide range of subjects he speaks about on his shows.  From dominionism to the state of the Church in America, Derek’s insights and concern for people gaining a knowledge of the current (but not widely known) issues that face our country and the world is refreshing.  Enjoy!

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Wes is the Co-host of "The Black Fridays" Podcast. His work experience was taken him around the world including four years living and working in Moscow, Russia while working in the NASA/MIR Programs and the International Space Station Program. His interests in the esoteric include, conspiracies, the unexplained, and the social influence of "Distractor-Issues." His educational background is in Electronic Engineering and Anthropology with a special emphasis on Biblical Anthropology and the Crusades.