The Top 5 Technology Panics of 2009

Via h+ magazine:

An A. I. researcher lists the Top 5 Technology Panics of 2009 — along with the corresponding reality!

There’s exploding iPods, the uproar over “bombing” the moon, and even a flesh-eating robot! But in each case, he supplies some much-needed perspective. Despite a few cases of exploding iPod batteries, “These incidents are incredibly rare.” And during the moon collision, “the rocket stage weighs around two tons, while the Moon weighs in at a 73,477,000,000,000,000,000 tons…”

And while the flesh-eating robot “even comes with a chainsaw, perhaps to help it slice us up into more manageable pieces, before it feasts upon our flesh…” the reality is: it’s a vegetarian.

“Desecration of the dead is against the laws of war — and plant matter is a much better fuel source anyway.”

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