Today Is The Most Depressing Day Of The Year

Vincent van Gogh's 1890 painting At Eternity's GateAccording to the UK’s Daily Mail, you have a ready-made excuse if you were too depressed to show up for work today. In America of course, it’s Martin Luther King Day, so some people have the day off anyway (not at disinformation’s offices though…):

If you think life is a grind and you’d rather be doing anything other than going to work, you’re not alone.

Today is officially Blue Monday – the most miserable day of the year.

A combination of Arctic temperatures, Christmas debt and the next pay day feeling like it’s months away leaves many of us depressed and unable to face work.

And to make matters worse, you probably can’t afford to take time off sick thanks to the recession or because you’ve already had days off as a result of the snow.

The gloomy research was carried out by FirstCare, a company that helps firms tackle absenteeism.

Chief executive Aaron Ross said: ‘Blue Monday has been described as the most depressive day of the year with absence rates expected to be higher…

[continues in the Daily Mail]


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  2. Burst out crying for no apparent reason today. Now I know why. Thanks(?)

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