Unwanted Side Effect: Cocaine Vaccine Leads Addicts to Take 10 Times More Cocaine

From PopSci:

Over the last decade, the advances in neuroscience that led doctors to view addiction as a disease, rather than a desire or personal failing, raised the natural question of whether or not addicts could be vaccinated against drug use as if it were a virus. While the theory remains valid, the recent clinical trial of one of those vaccines, called TA-CD, highlights the complexity of the issue.

TA-CD works by preventing cocaine from entering the brain, thus stopping the user from getting high. It does not, however, stop cravings, leading some test participants who received the vaccine to take 10 times as much cocaine in the hopes of overriding the vaccine and getting high, or to bankrupt themselves while trying to do so.

According to the study, published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, some participants in the study bumped more yeyo than the researchers conducting the study had every seen before. Others lost all their money buying one cut of charlie after another in the vain hopes of finding a package that actually got them high.

Amazingly, none of the test subjects overdosed.

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  1. stupidest idea ever..

  2. The rehab, law enforcement, and prison industry will never allow any kind of addiction vaccines to be marketed in the US. The political and economic clout of these groups will be such as to make any kind of vaccine based rehab impossible. Money talks, Bullshit walks.

  3. That would be pretty torturous really.

  4. economic stimulus for dealers

  5. economic stimulus for dealers

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