Westboro Baptist Church Covers Lady Gaga

Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church, famous for protesting at the funerals of Matthew Shepard, Heath Ledger, and soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, has released its first ever pop music single, notes Gawker.

Pastor Fred Phelps’ pop-culture-savy granddaughter, Megan Phelps-Roper, does lead vocals on a cover of Lady Gaga’s smash hit “Poker Face.” The lyrics have been changed to convey a pro-God, anti-Gaga message; instead of “poker face,” Phelps-Roper sings about Lady Gaga’s having a “whorish face.” Cute! It shows that Christianity is still relevant for today’s kids.

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  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/PDDVWRQVUPMKRGHURIEQVNYWHQ Sean

    these guys are a parody of religion……they have to be

  • nyxynox

    Why do we continue to give this “church” attention? This “church” is entirely made up of ONE family. If we ignore them – they will eventually interbreed themselves out of existence. Move along there is nothing to see here…

  • http://pzer0.com Dan Marshall

    I'm glad Westboro exists. They're such a great example of christian extremism (not to mention hilarity). I'm honestly not sure what I'd do without them!

    • Jenn

      A Christian does not judge, only one person judges and thats God,And just because they believe one way (which is their right) they DO NOT have the right to push it on others or put down others and then call themselves Christian..That is just wrong!! and I think deep down I think You know it as well…God made us all different, just like you can take a scripture from the Bible and everyone will take it their way which is the way it should be…so please back off these people because they just happen to believe a different way Thank You

      • Word Eater

        Actually, Christians do judge if they follow the Jesus' advice.

        You have to judge by the same standard you are to be judged by. You are implored to be righteous and call good that which is good, but not to be a hypocrite about it.

        Clearly God is to be the final judge, but you can't live life without judging others in some way. How else would you be able to form opinions if you weren't able to critique the opinions of other people?

        • Jenn

          Honestly I understand where your comming from but, I am judged by one which is God and frankly thats all I care about, as far as ME judging others please do not speak for Me because I do not judge people ,I live by the principal that everyone is as good as everyone else period weather your rich or poor ,Liking or disliking people are two different things totaly in my opinion then judigng

          • Bill Hicks

            There is no god … what is this god thing? If there was a god may it strike me down now – AHHHHH … Oh wait nope still here … phew!!!

          • Word Eater

            So some dude kicks in the front door of a random house, shoots mom and dad in the knees, rapes their toddler while they watch, then bashes each of their heads in with a meat tenderizer from their kitchen.

            Using my Christian background (didn't God say you shouldn't murder?), I can safely judge the guy who did that and say, “He is a bad man and a criminal and should be punished according the law.”

            But you would say, “I don't like that guy one bit, but whatevs. I shouldn't judge.”

            Even a non-religious–no even an atheist who has no agnostic tendencies, who knows for a fact that the universe is governed by science would tell you that the guy who did that was wrong and is, in fact, a bad person.

            Sometimes, it is okay to judge.

      • http://pzer0.com Dan Marshall

        Well, I'm not a christian. I judge based on actions, and the actions of Westboro are clearly of the insane variety.

        • markus

          Couldn't agree more with you, Dan.

      • tonyviner

        I know plenty of Christians that judge, that is why I stopped going to church and subsequently found Beelz.

  • Jenn

    Miss GaGa,I think your a wonderful soul please DO NOT let these fools who call themselves Christians hurt your soul and kind spirit in anyway,I am 54 I own your CD's love them watch you when your on TV and want to Thank You for sticking up for Adam

  • shanemoore

    I wish they would hate me. I LOVE free press.

  • shanemoore

    I wish they would hate me. I LOVE free press.


  • Bill Hicks

    There is no god. They may as well be singing Lady GaGa pissed off unicorns … grab some thumbs churchies!

    • tonyviner

      You're back, thank God, we've missed you. Do the bit about Rush Limbaugh laying naked in a bathtub and letting a bunch of dudes pee on him.

  • russell.lindquist

    grow up, if greek, roman, and norse mythology are considered mythologies, why is christianity still a viable “religion”

    • tonyviner

      Hey, when you are in charge then you can choose which invisible man you want to force on everyone but until then I suggest you sit there and do what you're told.

  • Zero

    For some church that hates lady gaga, they sure did take their time to listen to her music and make their own song on top of her stuff. Hell is always a justifaction for christians.

  • honu

    these people from this church are fools…..as are everyone else who believes too strongly in ANY religion…PERIOD! Can you say outdated? People, it's time to grow up and evolve. Take responsibility for your spirituality! There is a living GOD that we can all tap into that's got nothing to do with any dogma from any religion. Without religion, who knows, maybe we'll actually be able to consider different ideas about ourselves and the way the universe is instead of what some antiquated ridiculously edited books have shackled us into believing. Believe in nothing, everything is sacred….believe in everything, nothing is sacred.

  • MrsFredPhelps

    I hope this gets top of the charts. I can see myself listening to this whilst doing the robot at the clubs, or running on the treadmill at the gym.

  • lei

    If the Phelps family will be in heaven, I think I would rather go to hell. Really doesn't matter–I don't believe in a fiery, eternal hell. I think we're living in hell, now (these idiots really strengthen that believe).

  • http://twitter.com/Dumbsaint Dumbsaint

    I thought God liked whores( and by extension, their faces) anyway. Mary Magdalene was a good mate of his son's. This song makes no sense.

    Cartman's cover remains superior: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u2HsIaDg5s&feat

  • hilarity

    isn't this some kind of copyright breach?

    • Wren

      It's protected under Parody laws, hence why Weird Al has been able to make a career out of remaking other people's music.

      • Word Eater

        Yeah but Weird Al gets the artists' permission anyway.

        That's why he's never parodied a Prince song. Prince won't give him permission.

        It's also why Weird Al got pissed off when Coolio dissed “Amish Paradise.” The record label had given Weird Al permission but apparently didn't ask / tell Coolio about it.

  • http://tlola.wordpress.com/ Hazel

    Hey Phelps Phreaks! Imitation is the greatest form of flattery thanks for helping the Lady sell more records!

  • Mpie

    um God obv. had lady gaga born..he loves all people…you have no right to say God hates anyone how would you know? How could you be a worshiper of God and say those things about someone? that contradicts everything he teaches in the bible. God loves all!

  • http://workersrepublic.tv/ videoinsurgent

    SICK BIGOTS. Phelps' crowd is in good company this week, what with Pat Robertson continuing to make the similar arguments about earthquakes in haiti (that God punishes with horrible disaster those who are devilish).

  • tonyviner

    What do I have to do to get on these guys' bad side? I think I could have a lot of fun with that. I wouldn't have to actually have gay sex, would I? I might be able to get away with just telling them that I do. While I am dressed like Jesus. Taking it from a midget dressed like Benito Mussolini, but instead of Il Duce I call him Il Dulce, because he tastes like generic Cap'n Crunch. I would like to see some gay dude rape-blow Fred Phelps, talk about salivation. I mean, um…salvation.

  • David

    Why are you saying this, God Loves everyone. We as Christians have no room to judge. You need to love everyone as you brother or sister, even if you do not agree with there views. I this video is very ignorant.


  • David

    Why are you saying this, God Loves everyone. We as Christians have no room to judge. You need to love everyone as you brother or sister, even if you do not agree with there views. I this video is very ignorant.


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