Who Is Sarah Palin’s Favorite Founding Father?

Sarah Palin loves to talk about how her political views are based on the words, writings, and examples set by our nation’s founding fathers.

So which one is her favorite? See if you can guess. (Hint: Remember when she was asked what newspaper she reads?)

  • Godawefulll

    Probably the one who owned the most slaves hahaha

    • Dagaz

      Which our dear George Washington was.. A slave owner. Sounds like a great guy, he should be a hero or something.

  • dangus

    I thought she might say Ronald Reagan…

  • http://thefirstchurchofmutterhals.blogspot.com/ mutterhals

    My favorite was the atheist that belonged to a hellfire club.

  • Reuben

    god, is she ever an idiot. i kind of hoped she would have chosen abraham lincoln 😉

  • Deo

    DAMN that BECK and his DARN GOTCHA questions!!! Oh, Scarah foiled again!!!

  • Warren

    “If George W. Dunderhead has succeeded in lowering the bar for any black-sheep trust-fundian screw-up with a powerful papa in politics to have a clear shot at being leader of the free world, then Sarah has certainly out-limboed the former Commander-in-Puppet by shattering the glass basement for both women and humanity alike.”


  • WhatsWithThat

    And this is supposed to be some kind of “disinformation”?

    When I stopped in here, I expected a little more but instead all I see is a bunch of left wing loonies back slapping each other and preaching to the choir.

    This site is a joke.

    • Godawefulll

      No, its actually people who think for themselves and don't run off cliffs like lemmings every time these self serving politicians say. I am not liberal or conservative, just a human being trying to survive in a world ran by greedy,rich & worthless scum. So do not classify us all so fast. There is something called Chaos and I am a part of that…Watch out, more people are thinking for themselves these days and are not afraid to express our opinions. We still have our right to freedom of speech and we use it. So you don't like it, go to church or something…;)