Woman Trips, Rips Historic Picasso Painting

actorFrance’s AFP reports on the most notable art-world achievement of 2010 so far:

A significant Pablo Picasso painting was damaged after a woman attending art class lost her balance, fell into “The Actor” and tore it, The Metropolitan Museum of Art said.

The unusually large canvas, measuring 77.25 by 45.38 inches (196 by 115cm), sustained a vertical tear of about six inches (15cm) in the lower right-hand corner in the accident on Friday. The museum, located on the eastern edge of New York’s Central Park, did not elaborate on why the woman fell.

Painted in the winter of 1904-1905, the work hails from Picasso’s critical Rose Period, when the artist shifted from the downbeat tones of his Blue Period to warmer, more romantic hues.


  • Canukle_Head

    How heavy was this person?

  • emperorreagan

    How do you lose your balance and fall into a painting? Was it leaning on the floor in a corner or something?

  • Gregory

    In related news, the Supreme Court trips up…ripping big gashes in the Constitution.

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    Pablo Picasso’s painting are full of meaning,its so pity damaged by other .cheapsexyshoes

  • http://www.sexyshoesworld.com/ susan

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  • justagirl

    HA HA! that’s hilarious!

  • justagirl

    HA HA! that’s hilarious!

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