Arlington Student’s ‘GOD IS DEAD’ Shirt Won’t Make Debate Club Photo in Yearbook

Remember kids, you can’t wear anything to school that might be considered ‘offensive.’  We can’t have the counterculture getting to our nice Christian boys. We’ve got to keep them in line so they can move on into that service industry job we’ve designed for them.

From The News Tribune:

As debate club president and a top student, Arlington High School senior Justin Surber has studied the constitutional rights of free speech.

Surber, 18, recently took a stand that will keep him from appearing in his club’s yearbook photo.

Once a week, Surber wears a black T-shirt featuring the 19th-century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s take on religion. In block letters, the shirt reads “GOD IS DEAD.”

Nobody has told him he can’t wear the shirt to school. He wears it to provoke debate, he says, and that’s why he wore the shirt the day the debate club photo was taken for the yearbook.

Now Surber believes his T-shirt prompted the school’s yearbook adviser to ask for a retake of the photo, without the T-shirt.

“I feel I am a victim of censorship,” Surber said.

When a student yearbook staff member came to take a second photo of the debate club a few weeks ago, Surber’s friend Reed Summerlin asked for an explanation.

The yearbook staffer indicated she had been asked by the yearbook adviser not to tell Surber the reason for the retake, Summerlin said. “She said it was about Justin’s shirt.”

In protest, Surber and Summerlin chose not to be in the second photo.

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5 Comments on "Arlington Student’s ‘GOD IS DEAD’ Shirt Won’t Make Debate Club Photo in Yearbook"

  1. couldn't they easily have photshopped the offending words off his t-shirt?

  2. What does it teach our kids when we say to them on the one hand “this is the most free country on Earth” and then we tell them they can't even wear a stupid t-shirt if we disagree with what it says?

    The cognitive dissonance is deafening.

    • hopefully it motivates kids to change the system,
      we don't agree often but that's fine, I'd rather someone hate me with an open mind
      than a slave agree with me. harsh crackdowns are the biggest favor a system can do to dissidents,
      an illusion of democracy is the greatest barrier to revolutionaries
      , at least according to che

  3. Anonymous | Feb 23, 2010 at 3:38 am |

    God Never Was

  4. tonyviner | Feb 22, 2010 at 10:38 pm |

    God Never Was

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