Beware the ‘Flying Toblerones’: Reports of Scottish UFOs Released

The BBC reports:

Scottish UFO

Reports of “flying Toblerones” and objects travelling at 1,100 mph across the Scottish sky have been released by the Ministry of Defence. The files detail how unidentified objects have been witnessed flying over a range of locations across Scotland.Among them were one from a senior air traffic controller at Prestwick Airport who reported seeing a fast-moving UFO on the airport radar.

While four fishermen spotted a flat, shiny object hovering off the coast. The Scottish accounts are among the thousands of reports made of close encounters with UFOs across the UK which have been released in a joint project between the MoD and the National Archives.

For five years the people both you and I represent have witnessed a phenomenon in the area that has been left unexplained The Prestwick airport incident in February 1999 led to an extensive investigation by RAF air defence staff who impounded radar tapes from a number of airports around the UK.

But the report concluded that no additional evidence could be found to corroborate what the air traffic controller had spotted.

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  1. Flying chocolate. Now THERE'S and idea!

    Boy, them 'thar aliens sure are smart!

  2. awesome. I knew I wasnt crazy

  3. awesome. I knew I wasnt crazy

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