Bid On Bernie’s Madoff’s Plunder

Bernard MadoffNow’s your chance to make off with some of the trappings of arch-villain Bernie Madoff’s preposterous plunder of investors large and small. From

What’s it like to walk in Bernie Madoff’s shoes? You’ll get a chance to buy them, along with the billionaire swindler’s monogrammed socks, size 40-short suits and other items from his New York City and Montauk homes at an auction to be held in Morris County this spring.

James Plousis, U.S. Marshall for New Jersey, has worked out a deal to use donated space at the county’s public safety academy in Parsippany for a Madoff auction, likely to be held in April or May.

“We want to run an auction for as little cost as possible, so that just about every penny we make can go back to the victims,’’ Plousis said Wednesday. “I called Sheriff (Edward) Rochford in Morris County and he and the freeholders were very accommodating to us.’’

The planned auction will include furniture, rugs, clothing, utensils, wall hangings and hundreds of pairs of shoes — just about everything seized from Bernard and Ruth Madoff’s three-bedroom New York penthouse and three-bedroom Montauk home, Plousis said.

Also, they will auction the contents of a five-bedroom, five-bathroom Bridgewater house owned by Frank DiPascali, who was Madoff’s right-hand man in the massive Ponzi scheme.

Plousis pitched the sale location to Rochford about three weeks ago, the sheriff said.

“They needed a place with a lot of space and plenty of parking,’’ said Rochford. “When they sold his stuff in Miami, they had a huge turnout of people and media from all over the world. We’d have to be prepared for that.’’…

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