Blackwater (Xe) Charged U.S. Taxpayers for Prostitutes

blackwater-logoThe list of offenses goes on…

MARK MAZZETTI reports in the NY Times:

Two former employees of Blackwater Worldwide have accused the private security company of defrauding the government for years by filing bogus receipts, double billing for the same services and charging government agencies for strippers and prostitutes, according to court documents unsealed this week.

In a December 2008 lawsuit, the former employees said top Blackwater officials had engaged in a pattern of deception as they carried out government contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Blackwater has earned billions of dollars from government agencies in the years since the Sept. 11 attacks, when the company won contracts to protect American diplomats in Iraq and Afghanistan. The former employees who filed the lawsuit, a married couple named Brad and Melan Davis, said there was little financial oversight of the money.

Ms. Davis also asserts that a Filipino prostitute in Afghanistan was put on the Blackwater payroll under the “Morale Welfare Recreation” category, and that the company had billed the prostitute’s plane tickets and monthly salary to the government.

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  • rfw888

    business as usual…

  • fabian_ramos

    I actually got to meet someone who worked for blackwater. he was stationed in Costa Rica. yeah, prostitutes came up in the conversation quite freaquently

  • 5by5

    Huh. Whores (mercs), charging others for their whoring.

    Ahh the irony.

    • Sean

      everyone is a whore, Mercs and prostitutes are just more honest about it

      • 5by5

        Speak for yourself about your whoring, not mine, thank you very much! :-)

        But you're right about them being honest about it. Still, it doesn't mean I want to use tax dollars for either their romp in the sack with a herpes factory, or their murders.

      • tonyviner

        I am not a whore, I don't even buy canned Del Monte peaches anymore, I have a tree now.

        • Sean

          congrats on being one of the few people to never compromise your ideals or work for someone who doesn't

  • Polymorpheous

    rather see them charge us for making whoopie as opposed to making war.

  • Sean

    congrats on being one of the few people to never compromise your ideals or work for someone who doesn’t