Chavez Blames U.S. Gov’t for Absolutely Everything That’s Ever Gone Wrong in History of the Planet has been around for more than a decade and is one of the best sites for disinfo-style content.  This article about Hugo Chavez is funny and sad.  The constant pressure of U.S. interests has turned Chavez farther and farther away from sanity since the attempted coup of 2002.

From Blather:

Presidents Chavez and Ahmadinejad blame Obama administration for the Haiti earthquake, conflict in Israel, 13th century plague, the Crusades, the sinking of the Titanic and the clogging of Kim Jong Il’s toilet. A special conference, convened by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has met in Caracas Venezuela to explore ways in which alternative historians can justifiably blame the United States of America for any natural, political or military disaster since the dawn of time.

Historians, anthropologists, economists and randomly selected performance artists gathered together for a lavish five-day event at the Universidad de Pandejos, Caracas at the invitation of the Venezuelan and Iranian presidents.

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  • 5by5

    Well since I see no direct quotes from Chavez HIMSELF saying any such thing, I'm basically going to chock this one up to another of the roughly 8,000 biased, and idiotic assessments of the Chavez Administration.

    A fair assessment would point out that the U.S. actually HAS (between 1898 and 1934) invaded:

    Cuba FOUR times,
    Nicaragua FIVE times,
    Honduras SEVEN times,
    The Dominican Republic FOUR times,
    Haiti TWICE,
    Panama TWICE,
    Guatemala ONCE,
    Mexico THREE times, and
    Columbia FOUR times.

    Not to mention supporting brutal dictatorships in Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, & Bolivia. The fact is, there's a RATIONAL REASON why people in Latin America AS A WHOLE (not just Chavez) are suspicious of American motives. And that recent idiocy in Honduras isn't helping.

    Unfortunately, much of the corporate media analysis of what's happening in Venezuela rarely scratches below Pat Robertson's the time-honored question — “Who Would Jesus Assassinate?”

    The truth of Venezuela is one of radical inequities that have been systemic for the past 500 years. Roughly 80% of the country’s private land is owned by 5% of all landowners. That is what Chavez is trying to balance out, and unsurprisingly, the elites are pouting about having to share. Indeed, they're pissed that this brown guy has even had been uppity enough to demand that they give back to the country as a whole.

    You see, much of the agricultural land is actually fallow (unused) because wealthy landowners just prefer to sit on it for the purpose of land speculation, rather than use it for agricultural production.

    As a result, historically, despite having HUGE areas of fertile, arable land upon which it could become self-supporting, Venezuela was forced to become a net importer of food and purchase more than two-thirds of its foodstuffs abroad.

    All because of a few greedy, rich VERY WHITE people essentially turning 80% of the country into a gated community. So with so little opportunity in the rural areas, about 90% of Venezuela’s 25 million people now are forced to live in urban areas.

    Chavez is seeking to change that and expand opportunity.

    It's merely a variation on the Homestead Act signed by President Lincoln into law in 1862. The measure declared that any U.S. or intended citizen of at least 21 years of age could claim up to 160 acres of government land. Under Lincoln’s legislation, the land could not be sold to speculators or used as debt collateral, and only after five years of “actual settlement and cultivation,” according to Section 2, could the homesteader submit an application for a land patent.

    The Homestead Act was one of the most progressive and far-reaching government initiatives in U.S. history as it helped to develop and secure an agrarian-based middle class, which had an epic impact on the future democratization of the nation.

    In Chavez’s plan, land is not stripped from wealthy landowners without their consent, and simply handed over to the peasants no questions asked. Landowners are paid fair-market value for unused lands they consent to sell, and only after three years may the peasants obtain legal ownership of the land, and only then after they have rendered it productive. Any land in dispute of ownership is submitted to a technical inspection from INTI (National Institute of Land). They go out and conduct detailed surveys, then consult the government records, and review any paperwork the landowner might have regarding potential prior ownership.

    Typically, these plots are then farmed organically by peasant cooperative partnerships called Bolivarian circles, that mimic the Kibbutz idea in Israel.

    This is in coordination with other sorts of group organizations like the missions Chavez established throughout the country using the surplus oil revenues from the formerly privately owned, now state-run Petróleos de Venezuela oil company. The money to these small local organizations goes to combat illiteracy, provide further education for school dropouts, promote employment, supply cheap food, and extend a free medical service in the poor areas of the cities and the countryside. Chavez has also taken redundant oil company buildings and transformed them into the headquarters of a new university for the poor.

    It's decentralized government, but with central government support and assistance.

    Despite our government's rather concerted efforts to crush the Venezuelan economy:

    – Chavez's policies have led to a 33% reduction in poverty.

    – Private sector growth during his term has risen a whopping 171% overall.

    – The Venezuelan economy as a whole has registered 17 consecutive trimesters of growth, including an 8.5% increase in the GDP in the final trimester of 2007, the bulk of which was concentrated in the private sector.

    – Unlike the U.S., which is currently drowning in $10 trillion dollars worth of debt, last time I checked, Venezuela had a budget surplus of $14.6 billion.

    Instead, the corporate press interviews only the elite in his country who oppose him (which is a bit like asking a slave owner to evaluate an escaped slave), and might report something like the fact that Chavez called George W. Bush a “pendejo”, but NEVER give the public the CONTEXT of such a comment explaining WHY Chavez would say such a thing. Namely, that he called Bush a bad name because of his support of the Haitian Coup which overthrew the democratically elected President Aristide.

    In light of the recent decimation of Haiti, one can see how such a failure to support REAL democracy in that country has contributed to the post earthquake weakness of that nation, making Chavez' assessment pretty damned relevant, not just some loon popping off without cause or merit.

    And since the latter is all the “depth” that most Americans are exposed to with regards to Venezuela, it leads to poorly thought-out articles like this one, at the appropriately named “Blather”.

    • chonus

      Thank you.

    • Borgar

      Excellent post, 5by5. Whatever incident this article is referring to, Chavez is tons better than any American president. He does not torture people, he hasn't started any wars, he has initiated successful programmes to educate and feed the poor, and he usually tells the truth. Compared to other presidents, he's simply a pretty honest and decent leader, period. But a lot of powerful people (especially American politicians) perceive successful socialists as an ideological threat, so expect everyone trying to marginalise and demonize him.

    • zems

      5by5 thank you. i didnt know all that and i appreciate the lesson on latin america which isnt so extreemly pro america. yea we fucked up alot and with what your saying i like the type of person chavez sounds like. we hate him b/c the oil companies in america who had investments got screwed and they made a big fuss about it.

  • BuelahMan

    This is an idiotic piece of propaganda. Disinfo has become an immense failure in its discernment (maybe it is just this raymond dude). But every time I read something by him, I have to ask what the fuck made him so gullibly ignorant.

    I now will relinquish my Google reader subscription. Enjoy your foray into ass kissing the meme and continued propagation of the Empire.


  • rfw888

    Why does anyone listen to this nutjob? Treat him like you'd treat an annoying child, ignore him and eventually he will go away. On the other hand, maybe his country needs some “democracy”… We could use the oil…

  • Crazyworld

    I would have to say that Chavez has made many comments that are true about the US government they only dislike Chavez because he tells the truth. Look at Haiti the US news stations say how wonderful the US has been with it’s aid to Haiti but don’t forget the millitary didn’t show up there until Hillary Clinton sent them 10 days later and notice that no other country gets credit for being there since day one. I would have to say the US sure has a huge ego huh!!!

  • Crazyworld

    I would have to say that Chavez has made many comments that are true about the US government they only dislike Chavez because he tells the truth. Look at Haiti the US news stations say how wonderful the US has been with it's aid to Haiti but don't forget the millitary didn't show up there until Hillary Clinton sent them 10 days later and notice that no other country gets credit for being there since day one. I would have to say the US sure has a huge ego huh!!!