CPAC Speaker Condemns GOP Conference for Gay Republican Group Invite

Gay RepublicansWay back when, in the ancient days of the Bush Administration (circa 2004), Disinformation distributed a documentary called Gay Republicans, which focused on the activities of the Log Cabin Republicans. When I recently came across this video from the recent CPAC conference, seems like it’s history repeating itself with another group called GOPride.

These folks actually do vote, keep that in mind, Grand Old Party … after all, Ron Paul — who could care less about gay Americans serving in the military — did win the 2010 CPAC presidential straw poll, by a wide margin…

  • rfw888

    Of all the reasons why I dislike Christianity, I think the biggest one is their intolerance for gays. Maybe there was a reason for this in earlier times, when having offspring was important to society as a whole, not just a matter of personal preference, but there is no reason for it now. We are overpopulated, choking out all the other life on the planet, gays don't contribute to this problem,and should be accepted for the people they are. I was born into a christian family, but as I grew up and learned to think for myself, I grew out of my religion, and lost my irrational fear and dislike of people who are gay. As a straight man, I find the sight of two men in love with each other a good thing, it means less competition for the remaining straight females. If your god hates gays, I don't want anything to do with him.

  • dumbsaint

    Well, sado-masochism has always been a big part of gay culture.

    • 5by5

      WTF? It's been a big part of “straight culture” too. What's your point?

      • dumbsaint

        Gay republicans are doing it because they secretly want to punish themselves. It was a joke.

  • Anonymous

    Gay republicans are doing it because they want to punish themselves. It was a joke.

    As a bisexual guy I find the idea that they’d subscribe to a political party that has the opposite of their best interests in mind absurd.