Disgruntled Americans are the New Terrorists

By Stacie Adams at The Smirking Chimp:

Joe Stack, the man who recently flew a plane into an IRS building in Texas, has been described as everything from a true American hero to a ‘lone wolf’ style domestic extremist. However, most are reluctant to brand him with the label of terrorist, although that is the most apt description of Stack and his activities.

I saw a segment on the news this morning where some talking head was going to great pains to distinguish the difference between an act of terrorism and a so called ‘spectacle murder’, which sounds like something he just made up in the green room before he came on.

Apparently Stack’s crime is not considered terrorism because he only meant to call attention to his plight, not terrorize people into changing their lifestyles. Never mind that just seconds before the anchor offered this profundity an excerpt from Stack’s manifesto basically stated exactly that (i.e. that Stack wished to alert people of government corruption and push them to take action).

Let me whip out the moral hand book and play devil’s advocate for a moment; the underpants bomber was, apparently, beset by the awful treatment of Muslims the world over, which is why he attempted to blow up a plane. Whether or not you agree with his beliefs, you must admit that his cause rung a bit more noble than a wealthy Texan who flew his very own private plane into a building because he was sick of being fucked about by the IRS. Some are hailing the IRS terrorist as a hero, while in the same token the underpants bomber was derided as evil, even though he didn’t actually manage to kill anyone.

This guy isn’t a hero, he was just some rich asshole. Had this guy been a successful entrepreneur, he would have been the same kind of immoral robber baron everyone rails against. I love how a man with his own plane is being described as desperate. If only I could be so ‘desperate’…

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  1. Desperation is a matter of failed expectations I believe. Take a Rockefeller strip him of his riches, possesions and influence but give him a cushy desk job making $100,000 a year and I have no doubt he would slit his wrists within weeks. It's all relative.

  2. In the eyes of the united states government we always have been the enemy.

  3. “Apparently Stack’s crime is not considered terrorism because he only meant to call attention to his plight, not terrorize people into changing their lifestyles.”

    1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.
    2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
    3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

    By definition, the 2008 Presidential Campaigns were an act of terrorism ( see Rudy Giuliani ).
    Every evening on Fox, there is an onslaught of terrorism being broadcast. We call those “terrorist” commentators.
    Bush Admin. warning of mushroom clouds every 10 minutes in order to gain political and social approval is terrorism.
    Every time a Xian tries to convert you with fear of going to hell, they are performing a terrorist act.
    When a guy threatens to beat up his girl friend, it is rightfully called “terroristic threats”.
    Bombing the crap out of a city in order to cause a regime change is terrorism.
    And a guy flying his plane into a building to bring on a political change is an act of terrorism.

    How many of the above acts do they ever report on and list as acts of terrorism?

    The three literary whores of the 21st. century, “Racist”, “Anti-Semite”, and “Terrorist”.

    • I wonder if they would have called him a terrorist if his name was 'Achmed' or 'Mohamed' ?

  4. Im sure the King of England thought that all the founding fathers of this country were terrorist…..People our constitution calls for us American to bear arms and hold the goverment accountable and to keep its power at bay…….Remember were a country that rules “OURSELVES”….and goverens “OURSELVES”….if we keep it up, well be a part of the EU and the NWO

  5. I hope the first mushroom cloud hits washington.Dc and hits the internal rev and the capitol !….maybe then we can move into the future that these OLD politictions keep trying to hold us back….No more over 60, lifetime politictions……2 yr term limit not a day more…We cant continue to let these old men make decisions for us when there going to die and not have to live with the repercussions of there decisions…..Theyve already bankrupt our country…now they get to rest in peace….how nice…lol

  6. This man was a HERO…..IRS is a illegal , and they terrorized Him to the point of suicide…..His story is one of a million……Wonder what irs building is next……I have a feeling there will be more!…They lie everyday about our economy, its much worse then theyve told……and they need a bailout……Who cares, what does the bank do when you need a bailout……they say SORRY……They strong armed us for that bailout, and it didnt matter wether we were for it or against it….they took it!…and we the american people werent even asked to vote on it!

    • dont you mean “an hero”

    • I said this already in another article, but it looks like you didn't read that article.

      “It was not an IRS building, it was an office building which housed a branch office for the IRS. There were other business in that building as well. Regardless of where he aimed, and “wanted” it to go. It was a plane, not a poison dart. He was not sniping the leader and someone got in the way. He was, for all intended purposes, dropping a bomb on that building. There was no care for the others inside who were not IRS agents.

      So, I have to ask you this. Where do you draw the line if justifiable collateral damage?
      Or, is it ok for Soldiers to blow up a city block just to kill one enemy combatant? “

      Yeah, the IRS sucks. Yes, the entire system is designed in their favor. They use the bureaucratic process to cover their exploits.

      Should something be done about? YOU ARE DAMN RIGHT THERE SHOULD!

      Should it be to indiscriminately wasting passerby's and bottom rung employees?

      Would you call him a hero if he strapped explosives on himself and took out a plane full of people because there was a few IRS agents on board?

      “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”

    • My hero is the guy who comes and kills you and your entire family. Innocent or not.

  7. This guy was a fucking whiny loser.
    He owned a $250,000 house, an airplane, and had a family to support.
    He threw it all away in a pissy tantrum, left his family without a father or a house(he burned down his home)
    and endangered the lives of regular people working to survive who probably made half what he does in a year.
    If he was so concerned with social inequity, he could have donated some of his engineers salary to a humanitarian cause. He could have volunteered at a homeless shelter.
    This guy is not a hero, or a victim for that matter. This whole Alex Jones quoting “neopatriot movement” bullshit is poised to cave in on itself and I for one could not be happier.
    It's made up of greedy, paranoid, quasi-christian losers who just don't want to pay taxes and blame all of their problems on evil elitist wizards.

  8. tonyviner | Feb 21, 2010 at 3:27 am |

    Everyone is aware that many of those that fought to sever our allegiances with Britain could well have been classified under the banner of terrorism? Just checking.

  9. I think Joe Stack meets the definition of patriot.

  10. SpoutingHorn | Feb 22, 2010 at 9:35 am |

    Every “successful entrepreneur” is a “robber baron” that everyone “rails against?”

  11. My hero is the guy who comes and kills you and your entire family. Innocent or not.

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