Fake Firefox Update Spreads Spyware

A warning courtesy of PC World:

The successor program to the notorious Zango spyware toolbar is being used to target users of Mozilla’s Firefox with fake browser updates, a security company has alleged.

According to a warning put out by eSoft, the reprised Hotbar app, run as of May last year by a new entity called Pinball Corp, is being fed to users via a fake but convincing Firefox update page. The update page – which users would come to through a search engine for the latest updates – looks identical to the genuine page in everything bar the version it is claiming to offer (3.5 where the most recent is 3.6) and some misspelling.

Windows users fooled into downloading and installing from the fake page will actually be getting a toolbar app that also hits the user with pop-up ads and a weather application in the system tray…

[continues at PC World]


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3 Comments on "Fake Firefox Update Spreads Spyware"

  1. Will this affect Mac users as well? Prolly not, but you can't be too careful even with a Mac.

  2. I can't say that I am surprised by this. Your best defense is go to the main website for any existing website to avoid this type of spyware problem. If an foxfire update comes up and it does not look legit, don't download it.

  3. alicedebrax | Aug 27, 2010 at 3:49 am |

    Another product that I have found to be quite effective is CyberDefender. This is another product that was on probation at Spyware Warrior, and in fact some scanners will still detect its SpyBlocs components as adware, but Eric Howes (editor of SW) has informed me that these items are in fact legitimate.
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