FBI Knew Austin Attack Was Coming

Paul Joseph Watson for prisonplanet.com:

A trusted source has told this office that the FBI knew Austin was going to be attacked today and had dispatched officers from its Dallas headquarters yesterday afternoon to be in place for today’s incident.

The source claims that a confidential memo was circulated yesterday detailing that a building in Austin was going to be the target of an attack today. He was told this by an informant who works in the Dallas FBI office.

Four FBI agents hurriedly left the Dallas office yesterday to be ready and on the scene for the aftermath of the incident, according to the informant, who was shaken when he saw events unfolding today and put two and two together.

We cannot confirm the accuracy of the claim but the source is known to us and has no motivation for inventing the story.

The fact that pilot Joe Stack changed his manifesto at least 27 times before the final version suggests that he had been writing it for days and this could have been what tipped off the FBI in the build up to the attack.

The claim dovetails with reports we are receiving from Austin residents that the FBI were immediately on the scene after the plane crash and were filming both the building and eyewitnesses…

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  1. tonyviner | Feb 19, 2010 at 2:15 pm |

    This article sounds completely made up. Look, you don't have to go out of your way to discredit the FBI, they already did that with the Waco thing. Just another way for these people to try to keep everyone scared. Alex Jones and his crew are as much hate-filled fear-mongers as the people they claim are doing the same thing.

  2. I call bullshit.

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