George W. Bush: ‘Miss Me Yet?’

missmeyetWho is behind W’s ‘Miss Me Yet?’ billboard? NPR reports:

Internet chatter had led to speculation that it might be an urban myth — nothing more than clever digital trickery spreading via the Web.

But our friend Bob Collins at Minnesota Public Radio assures us he’s seen it with his own eyes:

There is a billboard along I-35 near Wyoming, Minn., with a huge photo of former president George W. Bush and this question: “Miss Me Yet?”

Now, the push is on to find out who paid to have it put up.

Bob says there’s no readily apparent claim of ownership on the billboard, so he’s heading back to the scene to see if he can find out who’s behind the message. He’s also got some local politicos looking into it. He’ll keep us posted…

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  • Kevin

    nope, sure don't.

  • xen

    Obama may be acting much more like a typical politician than he said he would while campaigning (what a shock), but I don't think anyone has Stockholm Syndrome bad enough to miss Bush.

  • Sanger

    Fuck No I dont miss that that Fascist, quietly dictatorial Plutocrat. What a fucking joke. The right wing sure are some asshats!

  • Jordan Haus

    it is solved. (well partially). See:

  • conniedobbs

    God no.

  • GoodDoktorBad

    I'd hate to have to drive by that freakish thing on my daily route.
    It reminds me of a country that have those giant pictures of there loving dictator plastered everywhere.
    I'm glad there is only one… far… for the hills!

  • keepthechange

    While most people are not missing Bush yet, they are regretting obama by the hour. A much more clever billboard would have been a picture of a smug smiling obama with the tagline: “Regretting me yet?”

  • dasherrob

    If this is an ad for a firing range or company that manufactures scopes for rifles, I'd have to say “Mission Accomplished”!

  • 5by5

    That is a sign BEGGING to be tagged by every graffiti artist worth his stones within a thousand mile radius.

  • Anonymous

    bush and obama are one in the same. bush had a lower approval rating that hitler ever had.
    nope i will never miss bush!

  • bryan_85

    bush and obama are one in the same. bush had a lower approval rating that hitler ever had.
    nope i will never miss bush!

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