Haiti in Context: Trying to Visualize the Disaster

Posted on the Rasmussen College website:

150,000 is a big number by anyone’s standards, but for a small country like Haiti, it is unfathomable. This is what America would look like if we lost a proportionate number of our citizens to a natural disaster…

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  • MrYinYang

    In America our college girls give themselves out for free. I'm so happy to live in America.

  • radiac

    I think this map is misleading, using 4 of the largest land mass /least populated states. This graphic would be considerably different using an area something closer to the population density of Haiti, like NYC.

  • radiac

    And yes, 150,000 dead is unfathomably tragic.

  • Modern Primate

    Aww…. Couldn't they have deleted Texas?