High School Spied On Students At Home Via Their Laptops

Is Your Computer Spying on You?Wow, can this be true? Truly a situation in which “Big Brother” comparisons are no exaggeration. It’s being reported that the Lower Merion School District, in a wealthy suburb of Philadelphia, is being sued for spying on its students at home, after issuing the students laptops with webcams that could be covertly activated by school administrators for surveillance, writes Boing Boing:

The issue came to light when the Robbins’s child was disciplined for “improper behavior in his home” and the Vice Principal used a photo taken by the webcam as evidence. The suit is a class action, brought on behalf of all students issued with these machines.

Update: The school district admits that student laptops were shipped with software for covertly activating their webcams, but denies wrongdoing.

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9 Comments on "High School Spied On Students At Home Via Their Laptops"

  1. ZombieSlapper | Feb 19, 2010 at 12:38 pm |

    I wonder how many perverted school admins sat there jerking it to unsuspecting kids in their own homes. This is sick and everyone on the staff should be fired. Then shot.

  2. Pedobear says HAY WHATS UP

  3. nooksurfer | Feb 19, 2010 at 6:30 pm |

    I'd really like to understand the meaning behind this. I think this is a bit overboard, I'm sure there are other security measures the school can take in trying to protect it's property from being stolen. Plus, if the laptop wasn't stolen or reported stolen, why would they need to turn the feature on anyways…

  4. The school maintains that the used the camera to retrieve stolen and lost laptops. That is obvious bullshit. If they wanted technology to track laptops they should have gotten laptops with built in GPS. This would enable a better solution that turning on a camera and trying to guess where the laptop was.

    There is absolutely no reason a school laptop needs a camera, especially one that can spy on students and has the potential to create child pornography.

    Did these people have no forethought when they came up with this policy? Or is there something more than stupidity here, like a lucrative child pornography ring? (Child molesters are known for getting jobs working around kids after all…)

  5. tonyviner | Feb 19, 2010 at 11:47 pm |

    I kinda wish George Orwell and Ray Bradbury would stop giving these people ideas.

    • Barney Simpson | Feb 21, 2010 at 10:30 am |

      In america you are more and more controlled by every kind of “authority”. Soon you will not be able even to go to the toilet and masturbate….without getting a fine!!!!

  6. ThirdSection | Mar 1, 2010 at 2:56 pm |

    The most appalling part of this story is that it didn't occupy all of the front page headlines across the land.

  7. Yo, that is fucked up. One more reason no child of mine will ever go to public schools.

  8. Yo, that is fucked up. One more reason no child of mine will ever go to public schools.

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