How Rich People Smoke Pot

VolcanoVaporizerPaul Schrodt writes on the Daily Beast:

As the executive director of NORML, the leading lobbying organization for pot smokers’ rights, Allen St. Pierre gets asked a lot of strange questions. But the one he’s been getting lately is, “What is that metal thing they use on Weeds?”

The answer is the Volcano Vaporizer, a smokeless inhalation device that has recently shown up on both the Showtime series and HBO’s Bored to Death, in which a sexy stoner played by Jenny Slate lures Jason Schwartzman into her bedroom to test one out. (“Just squeeze down on that nipple and suck in the vapors,” she coaches him.) It’s even used at the renowned Chicago restaurant Alinea, albeit unconventionally, to pipe aromas of nutmeg and coffee to diners as they eat dessert.

The Volcano is affectionately known as the “Mercedes Benz” of toking up.

“If you live in Ohio, or if you’re a baby boomer who has no problem with cannabis, and you see them using that, you’re asking, ‘What’s going on?’” says Pierre. “There’s a veneer of sophistication to it. This is not your daddy’s bong.”

Indeed, the Vaporizer wouldn’t look out of place in the pages of the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. With its sleek, brushed-aluminum chassis and digital temperature gauge, it could be mistaken for a device that steams milk. And, perhaps not incidentally, the $700 Volcano is growing in popularity with the cappuccino crowd — highly educated strivers who demand nothing but the best. “If you’re buying this, you are either an aficionado, or you are well-read in the best ways to deliver cannabis to your body as science currently tells us,” says Pierre. “Otherwise you’d have to have a lot of vanity to drop this much money.”

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  • smokey

    best way to smoke

    • Ralph

      “best way to smoke”

  • fk420

    Vaporizers kinda suck planes is all i smoke I think the vape Destroys the taste of bud

  • Shockeye

    How can you make one out of household items for under $20?

    • johnnystampeed

      “How can you make one out of household items for under $20?”

    • Steve

      Use a lightbulb

      If it has the white coating, put table salt in it and shake it up to remove.

      Also, make sure you remove the filament and all the black resin/glass stuff on the bottom

      Attach a detachable mouthpiece, put ganja inside, close it, and heat the bud with a lighter. Don't touch the flame directly to the glass. Hold it an inch or so away, and move it in little circles. After the bud heats to whatever degree it needs to, it vapourizes.

      This is in no way as efficient, but it's a cheap, easy way to make a DIY vapourizer.

      • chonus

        This is how people smoke meth. The white coating contains mercury which is why you'd want to remove it, but why anyone would want to smoke bud out of it is beyond me.

        • Ben

          The white coating in an incandescent bulb does not contain mercury. Condensed florescent bulbs contain mercury. The coating is made from a clay called kaolinite and is harmless it is used to defuse the light.

    • poopmuncher

      take a water bottle and burn a hole in the top side (as a choke, carb) and the bottom other side (to hit out of) take some tin foil and cover the bottle mouth and make a bowl out of it, poking a few holes with a needle. you're good to go.

  • Pot Snob

    actually rich people prefer high-end glass. also there are better vapes out there than the volcano

    • Pot Prophet

      actually there are not better vapes out there…

  • 420revival

    Yeah, rich people prefer high end glass, which is less efficient. Volcanos save you money over time with efficiency.

  • Justin

    I remember building my first vaporizer out of a glass bottle (bad Idea) the bottle shattered and my weed got lost in the shag rug :( a few years later we split the cost on a CANO 3 ways, and we have been perma-high ever sense. You also get left with dark brown cashed weed, not bad for making oil.

    • antidrug

      Dude, you spelled since wrong.

  • June

    I have owne my Volcano for 6 years and I love it. And no I'm not ritch but a pot snob yes.I payed 535 for mine at and this was about 6 months or so after they hit the market in Reno, NV. I would spend the $$ all overagain when and if it ever breaks!

    @fk420- well with the vap it has nothing to do with taste. It does how ever deliver the most efficient way of extracting THC from the bud. the hot air blown past the bud it at just the right temp to release the THC and only Thc! Now don't get me worng I love the tase of a great nug, but I would much rather not toarch my bud with a flame. I end to go back and forth between my turkey bag and my pipe.

  • 5by5

    $700 for something you can achieve the same results by just by poking a few holes into a 50 cent soda can and sucking through the drink tab.


    No wonder this country is broke.

    • Noneya

      And your comparing a coke can with holes in it to a Volcano.


      No wonder i think some people are morons.

      • zwenkwiel

        while his coke can comparison is a bit much
        he does have a very valid point
        it does exactly the same
        but it's hard to control temperature so you'll probably end up burning it anyway

        you're an idiot if you spend 700 $ on a vaporizer
        you can get em much cheaper and they work just as well
        I have smoked from a few vaporizers in my life
        tried the volcano on a convention once(high life)
        nothing special really
        the bag is a hassle aswell, vaporizers with a tube are way more comfortable, just sit back and suck the tube.

        but i'm not a fan of vaporizers really
        it works, no doubt about that
        but it's so clinical
        doesn't have the same cozy feeling of passing the joint around
        plus can't be arsed to haul a vaporizer around all day either.

    • guywhoknowshisshit

      i have been selling bongs and vaporizers for some time now at a shop i work at. here are my itemized corrections/ insults regarding your comment:
      1. what you've made yourself there from a pop can is called a pipe, and a shitty one at that.
      2.smoking from a pop can is not vaporization, is how 14 year old kids get high behind the shed at school when they have nothing better to smoke out of.
      3. there are plenty of cheaper ones like the V-Tower Extreme by Airizer for less than half the price. or go completely portable with the Iolite vape, its small enough to fit in your palm.
      4. your country's broke because you people can't figure out not to spend money you don't actually have, a concept that really is not that hard to grasp in my opinion.

  • GoodDoktorBad

    I prefer lung busting smoke anyday….

  • fabian_ramos

    we're all stoners. haha

  • Anonymous

    ACUTALLY i own a valcano and i just sold it cuz i fucking hate it. they high sucks. if u wanna get high smoke a tsunami bong.

  • jmerk

    ACUTALLY i own a valcano and i just sold it cuz i fucking hate it. they high sucks. if u wanna get high smoke a tsunami bong.