Marxism vs. Conspiracy Theory

illuminatiNick P. at Black Sun Gazette:

I am fully aware that much of what I write here can easily be categorized as “conspiracy theory.” However, I would like to take some time to differentiate what it is I do here from what you might read on a more obviously “conspiracy” oriented website.

For the record, and for anyone who is confused, I do not consider myself a “conspiracy theorist,” nor do I think that Marxism is some kind of “conspiracy theory of the left.”

Rather, I consider Marxism to be to the social sciences what Darwinism is to the evolutionary biology. Specifically, I consider it a scientific method of analyzing history and current events, particularly in its historical materialist form. Conspiracy theory, conversely, is an anti-scientific mish-mash that seems to have more to do with the neuroses of a defeated middle class than a working class on the move against the bosses.

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