‘Operation Titstorm’ Hackers Have Declared Cyberwar on Australia

ASHER MOSES writes in the Sydney Morning Herald:

Groups opposing the government’s internet censorship plans have condemned attacks on government websites, saying it will do little to help their cause, while Communications Minister Stephen Conroy called them “totally irresponsible”.

Hackers connected with the group Anonymous, known for its war against Scientology, this morning launched a broad attack on government websites.

They are protesting against forthcoming internet filtering legislation and the perceived censorship in pornography of small-breasted women (who are thought to be under age) and female ejaculation.

Several government sites were down and the hackers have promised to follow up by spamming government offices with pornographic emails, faxes and prank phone calls.

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  • stuinroom22

    Why don't they go after China, if they haven't already?

  • 5by5

    “Why don't they go after China, if they haven't already?”

    Because they're IN China.

    • Magmatide

      Actually, the majority of us involved in Operation Titstorm are based in the US or in th UK. There are hardly any of us working from China, or anywhere in Asia, for that matter.

  • http://johnnyb93.blogspot.com/ johnbonanno

    Why doesn't anyone go after China for anything?

    • rfw888

      Because China = half the population of the planet.

  • rfw888

    I've always admired the Aussies, get'em guys! Bury them under a flood of porn and gibberish.

  • Magmatide

    Operation Titstorm has has moved forward into Operation Freeweb, which will consist of IRL protests in major Australian cites, major US cities, and major UK cities. Please, if you are as against internet censorship as we are than get involved, and get to the protests. We cannot let the government begin censoring or internet.

    • oman28

      How do I get involved ?

      • Magmatide

        Depending on where you are located, many things are taking place right now. There are scheduled protests on February 20th in the major cities of Austraila, since that is our obvious focus. In the US and the UK we are looking for individuals or groups of individuals who are experienced in the plannings of such events in our major cities. Stop by the Encyclepedia Dramatica page on Operation Freeweb for much more information on these matters. The US and UK governments are already speaking of similar censorship. If the Australian government goes through with this than all of the rest of us are next. Now is the time to speak up for your internet freedom! Now is the time to act! Get involved, now is the time to make a difference.

    • Anonymous

      I fucking like those names.
      Though I don't want to fly abroad to be there ^_^

  • Anonymous

    The problem with this report is that there is no bot net. It's a group of people who are using their own computers to do a denial of service attack. Nobody is breaking into anyone else's computers (as far as anonymous has stated).

  • Fill

    I think the censorship is stupid but how is crashing government web sites, email and faxing pornographic material and doing prank phone calls going to help? The government is only going to use 4chan and Anonymous as evidence that government control of the Internet is needed to protect the general population, imho.

    • FreeFall

      Standing in front of a government office carrying around signs and chanting would have been viewed in exactly the same manner two hundred years ago. Picketing, however, is now recognized as an effective form of protest by ensuring that your voice is heard. Were you aware of the censorship agenda prior to the operation? Most people were not. Now the news is widespread internationally.

      “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about” -Oscar Wilde, implying that any publicity, no matter how negative, is better than no publicity at all.

  • adamgollam

    Well, the Australian government hasn't given up on censorship and they probably get a lot of porno spam:)) Their initiative is quite logic and it has legal background, but I did hear of banning some websites that weren't in the porn category. They have to fix that.
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  • http://www.onlineaustralia.org Jack Thakur

    Australia is poised to introduce some of the most severe internet restrictions in the democratic world – and the hackers don’t like it.

  • http://www.onlineaustralia.org Jack Thakur

    Australia is poised to introduce some of the most severe internet restrictions in the democratic world – and the hackers don’t like it.